Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Irene aka Zirconia PTU

Hiya everyone...
There was some confusion regarding the Elias Limited Edition tube "Irene"
He has painted this interesting model several times as she is a personal friend of his...
Only the ones with blue in her hair are named "Zirconia" at PTE
But if you check out this tube at his deviant art she is named Irene aka Zirconia.
My friend Alika Scraps named this lovely kit after her according to Deviant Art.
So...  we are using the kit "Totally Zirconia" with the Irene tube which it was made to match...
Gotta love fun stories!!

On with our TUT!

Materials needed:
Limited Edition Elias "IRENE tube - which is available through the end of the month at PTE
 The 5 other tubes of the same Model...
Which to my knowledge are:
PTU Scrap kit by Alika can be purchased at Twilight Scraps or any of her other stores
 MuRa's Meister Filter
Vix big mask 008
Font = Grado Gradoo

Open a new Transparent Image 600 x 600 72 DPI
Select all
Copy paper03 and Paste into Selection
Apply your mask
Merge Group

Resize element as15 by 61%
Copy and Paste as a new layer on your image
(be sure to close it without saving it)
Use MuRa's Meister Copies with the following settings:
(Blend Mode)
Number = 10
Shift X and Y = 50
Cycle = 100
Scale = 100
All others = 0
Click ok

Copy and paste your Close Up (CU) as a new layer
Move it down below the stars frame you just made
Center the CU as desired
Erase any excess tube showing below the frame
Blend Mode = Luminance (L)
Opacity =62
Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance

Resize element as08 by 75%
Copy and paste as a new layer - use your pick tool to place as desired
Duplicate and use pick tool to turn sideways and place as desired
after turning element may blur - use Adjust - Sharpen to fix

Copy and paste each of your tubes
(if you have them all it should be 6)
Erase each bottom half of the tubes
Use your pick tool to place in desired spaces behind the film layer (element as08) and its duplicate
Effects - Photo Effects - Black and White Film
*Add a raster layer below the Black and white tubes
Flood fill = white
Merge the three Black and white tubes that are meant for the bottom most film strip
onto the white layer
With your Magic Wand select the inside of each of the 3 rectangles on the film strip
(HOLD down the shift key)
Modify - Expand = 2
With white layer selected - Delete
Repeat steps from * for the other film strip

Copy and paste element as 21 as a new layer - place as desired with pick tool

Copy and paste element as 60 as a new layer - place as desired and resize as needed with pick tool

Copy and Paste your main tube over the top of all other layers.
Adjust - Gaussian Blur = 3
Blend Mode = Soft Light
Opacity = 60

Add your credits
Add your name

Your Done!  Thank you for playing!!

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