Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween In Bed FTU

At Siggy Showdown we get bonus 500 charms for using the same tube in all our entries this week, this tag is for the Template Challenge.  This is easy to do with Barbara Jensen's collection of layered tubes!  I am making this tut with one of my entries, and I will share my others at the bottom of the tut....  so you can see how versatile the tubes are this way!  Love it!


Tube: I am using the gorgeous artwork of Barbara Jensen which you can find here the tube is PUL 7-1 "In Bed by 9".  You must have a license to use her work.
Template: I am using template 141 by Punky Butts, you can find it here
Scrapkit: FTU Halloween kit by Alikas Scraps you can find here be sure to leave some love!
Fonts: Wordart = Quiff ,  Name=Avalon (Paid font)
Plug-ins: Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Nature

Prepare your template:
Remove the credits and word art.
Resize by 86% (this will allow the width = 600 which is usually the widest allowed in most forums)
Select two colors from one of the papers from your kit - make these a gradient
Using your Change to Target Brush -  color the frames - alternate between the gradient colors in the foreground and back ground so that they are colored as desired.
Merge the Square Frames together (Make sure the layer is above the Squares)
Merge the Left and Right Squares together
Merge the Left and Right Circle Frames (make sure the layer is above the Left and Right Circles)
Merge the Left and Right Circles together

Prepare your tube:
Resize tube 90%
To help my tube match the kit I selected I have made the following layers visible:
Top Black
Bottoms Black
Shoes Violet
Hair Black
Lip Nails Black
Eyes Hazel
Stocking Black
Black Bracelet
Black Necklace

Let's get started!
Resize element as22 by 90%
Copy and paste as a new layer above the background layer
Use pick tool to move it to the left of the tag
Duplicate Flip and Mirror the layer.
On the Merged Square layer Select all Float and Defloat
Copy aspaper02 Paste into the selection
Select none
Resize element  as06 by 70%
Copy and paste as a new layer - move layer above square frames
with Pick Tool move to bottom right of tag
Duplicate - flip and mirror so that the duplicate is on upper left of tag.
On the Large Circle Select all Float and Defloat
Copy aspaper03 Paste into the selection
Select none
On the Merged Circle layer Select all Float and Defloat
Copy aspaper04 Paste into the selection
Resize element as18 by 50%
Copy and paste as a new layer so that it is above the right rectangle layer.
Duplicate and mirror the element layer
Resize element as33 by 90%
Copy and paste it as a new layer so that it is the top of the entire template
Copy and paste element as13 as a new layer - erase excess
Copy merged your tube and paste her as a new layer
Adjust the last two layers to your liking.
At this point I have made my word art - using the glitter fill provided with the template (colored with my gradient), added my credits and name.
I also went back and used Gradient Glow on all frame layers, the glitter layer of my word art and to the name.

I'll be back with the results of the other challenges...  And I'll Edit this post!

Edit #1 - make any Holiday tag using the same tube.
I gave a new look to my old tut here
Edit #2 - Old School Challenge NO Kits - No Templates!
I had fun with this one!
Edit #3 this is for the FTU Scrap Challenge...  I hope I can get the other two done tomorrow.  What is interesting is another member is now using the same tube!  What a challenge!
Edit #4 We were to use the Firefly animation in the background for one of the challenges, I am not happy with the pixellization of my set in animation so I made Barb both animated and non.  :o)
Edit #5 - Last Tag challenge for this round...  was anything goes.