Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey Cowgirl - FTU

PSP Party is the place to be!!  WOOT!!
Sassy really scored when she invited her friend Bengals1 to join the Party!!
She will be releasing a new tube every two weeks from him of his lovely wife!
Thank you so much for this!
On with our TUT!

Tube:  I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey which is copyright Bengals1 for the commission as it is his lovely wife.  You may be get your tube at PSP Party as she is an exclusive there, but you must earn her and use your assigned license.  Otherwise you may find the artwork of Keith Garvey at PTE.
Scrapkit:  Born to Ride by Stef you may be able to find it on the Freebie Friends blog here
Font:  MTF Elegance by Miss Tina Fonts here
Filter: Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow
This is just going to be a mini tut...  
I will tell you some details but mostly I used parts of the scrapkit and
used my pick tool to re-size and place the elements to my liking.
Drop shadow as desired unless specified.
Elements in the order they appear from bottom to top copy and paste as a new layer (re-sized):
element 25
element 19 (2 times)
frame 4
element 34
element 3 (4 times various sizes) Merge all with
element 4 (3 times various sizes) Merged
element 31
element 32
frame 2 (rotated)
element 4
element 2

After placing the elements as desired duplicate the following and change the blend mode to burn on the duplicate layer(s)
All elements 3 and 4 (flowers merged and non-merged)
element 2
frame 2
Merge duplicates to the originals

*Select paper 2 - copy to clipboard
 Using your magic wand - select inside the right side of the frame
Modify - expand by 3
Create a new raster layer
Paste inside selection
Select paper 3 - repeat from * for left side of frame
Merge paper layers
Duplicate and change blend mode to Burn - Merge again

Select two colors (foreground and background) and set the palette to gradient

With the merged flower layer selected paste your tube in it's original size erase body and legs
move remainder of the tube so that it is in the middle frame.
Adjust - Mirror
Duplicate the tube
Select the bottom tube layer
Modify - expand by 1
flood fill with your gradient
merge the tubes together
duplicate the tube again
move one above the frame layer
erase the bottom most portion of the top layer so that the tube appears to be coming through the frame.

With the very top layer selected
Paste your tube as a new layer again and re-size to your liking.
Adjust -  Gaussian blur = 3
Blend mode = hard light

Add your credits
add your name as shown.