Thursday, August 4, 2011

Steamed - PTU

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I searched high and low for a "Steam Punk" mask and could not find one for my tag.
So I decided to write a tutorial for you and include my mask in the supplies.

Tube:  I am using a Graphic Groupies exclusive tube by Elias Chatzoudis.
You must have earned the rights to use this tube from Graphic Groupies and be issued their license.
Come and join us for some great times!!

Scrap kit:  I am using the gorgeous Steam Punk style kit Guarding Elias by Bello Scarto 
Jay I really enjoyed your kit, and as I said it is perfect for this tube!
I bought mine at Scraps and the City here - I just love that store.

Font: Summertime I am using the TrueType version of the font.

Supplies: I have included my mask (I made today just for this tag) and my sparkle;
you can download here
If anyone is looking for a Steampunk Mask please direct them here,
but please do not share my mask.

Plug-ins:  I used Alien Skin Eye Candy 5:Impact - gradient glow.

Let's get started on this very simple tut!
Open a new transparent image 72DPDI 600x600
Select all and Copy and Paste paper 9 into the selection.
Select none.
Apply your mask
merge group
Copy and paste element 5 as a new layer
move this towards the right hand corner slightly
Add a new layer
Select all Copy and paste paper 10 into selection
Select None
Using your pick tool (scale setting)-resize the paper to fit the train image under the Element
Erase the outer portion visible outside the element
Copy and paste element 1 as a new layer
move this towards the bottom left of element 5
add a drop shadow with the following settings:
Offset both Vertical and Horizontal = 0
Attributes - Opacity = 68 Blur = 18.84 Color = red
Add your tube of choice
(Note I used my pick-tool to resize my tube)
Duplicate the tube layer
with the bottom tube selected
Adjust Blur - Gaussian Blur with radius=3
add the same drop shadow as before
add the supplied sparkle layer on the top of the tube
Apply your credits
Add the name to the tag using the Summertime font
Adjust Add Noise Gaussian 23% Monochrome Checked
Apply Gradient Glow with the following settings:
Outside Glow
Mask Selection checked
Glow radius = 5.0
Soft Corners = 0
Opacity = 100
Distort = 0
Lump = 55
Smoothness = 54
Color = black
Apply the same drop shadow as before

Thank you for trying my tut!

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