Sunday, August 28, 2011

Private Independence FTU

Before I start the tutorial I have to put a plug in for a new free money site!
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Next I keep forgetting to share my blinkie...
Mindy Mae made it for me and I love it!!
As soon as I learn how to make one of them boxes with the code for you all, I will....
in the mean time here she is!
If you are in need of a fabulous Blinkie visit PSP Party Central for the Blinkie Service!!

Now on with our Tutorial!

Tube: I am using the very first Neoracer Forum Exclusive!
She was privately obtained by myself and donated to PSP Party Central.
In order to own her you must have earned her and you must use your PPC license.
Scrap kit: A gorgeous FTU Scrapkit by Jessica at Gothic Inspirations called Independent Woman
Thank you sweetie for your part of the Blog Train by Bits N Bobs.
Template: Deb & Kristin 2011 Collab Temp 4 available at Creative Misfits - Thanks ladies!
Fonts: Thank you to Staci for the font challenge for showing me these fonts!!
Word art is Ol' Cowboy Font and can be found here
and the name is Special Type Font and can be found here
 Plug-ins: DSB Flux

Lets begin!
Select Two Colors from your tube
(I selected mine from her eyeshadow for contrast to her socks)
Make them into a gradient of your choice

Duplicate your template (shift + D)
We will be begin at the bottom
*Select layer 7 float & defloat
insert a new layer
copy and paste paper 6 into your selection
modify expand your selection by 5
with the original layer selected - flood fill with your gradient
DSB Flux - Bright noise setting at 75
Select none
NOTE: Drop shadow as desired throughout - that is personal preference
Repeat from * with layer 6
Select Layer 5 float & defloat
insert a new layer
move the layer below layer five
modify and expand by 5
flood fill with your gradient
DSB Flux same settings as before
Select none
Select Layer 4 float & defloat
Paste paper 6 inside selection
Select none
Open frame 2
Image - rotate left or right

Image resize by 55%
Copy and paste as a new layer
use your pick tool to place at the top of layer 4
Make sure it pick tool is on scale settings
pull bottom of frame so that the frame literally "frames" the layer.
Open the element called Parchment piece
Image Rotate - either direction is fine
Copy and paste as a new layer
using your pick tool place it over the top of layer 3
use the layer as a guideline to resize the parchment using the pick tool
You may delete layer 3.

Using Ol' Cowboy Font type word art as desired.
I typed Party (top) and Time (bottom)
font size 48
with a color chosen from her hair
Blend mode is Burn
Transarency of the layer is 65%
Select layer 2 float and defloat
Copy paper 7 and paste it into selection
Select none
Resize the netting element by 75%
Copy and paste it as a new layer
Adjust - Mirror and move to the left of the tag
as shown over layer 2.
Select layer 1 - float and defloat
insert a new layer
copy and paste paper 1 inside the selection
making sure you are on the original layer
modify and expand by 5
flood fill and add DSB Flux just as before
select none
Open your tube
Resize the Close up layer by 80%
Copy and paste as a new layer
Copy and paste over the newest layer made
Select the top paper layer - float defloat
Invert - and with the tube layer selected hit delete
Change settings to luminance (L)
Opacity = 50%
If needed resize full-bodied tube by 42% to get her to fit the tag
Copy and paste.
Add any other elements you'd like from the scrap kit
add your credits
Add a name and we are done!

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