Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spotlight Tags for June/July

Hi everyone!  Sharing again - I hope you don't mind.  Everyone I used to show my winners to are far away from me at the moment, quite possibly for a long time...  Ah life, you never quite know which direction the road will take you.  :o)

I won first place in the Weekly DSI Facebook Contest for Ralf Straaberg

I won first place in the Tutorial Contest at PSP Party for this cutie
Please click image to view at original size for  legible copyright info
I won 3rd place in the PTE Tag Contest Featuring Tammy's awesome Scrapkit
I won first place for the DSI Weekly Facebook Contest featuring the artwork of Barachan
Each of the following won second place in the DSI weekly Facebook contest for the artists:
Ester Durâes

Hollow Pixie
Poupée De Chair 
Please click picture to view proper credits
Yes that last one is a little creepy and because I lost my PSP I wasn't able to change it how I wanted...  It probably wouldn't have won 2nd but in this weeks contest that was last place.  :o(   We need more people to join the DSI Facebook page and participate in the weekly contest.  Sometimes everyone who enters gets a gift...  tube, tag or what ever... and sometimes just the !st, 2nd and 3rd places...  but no matter what it is good fun. The artist of the week is always on sale for the week...  so come on, you might win!

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