Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spotlight Tags for June/July

Hi everyone!  Sharing again - I hope you don't mind.  Everyone I used to show my winners to are far away from me at the moment, quite possibly for a long time...  Ah life, you never quite know which direction the road will take you.  :o)

I won first place in the Weekly DSI Facebook Contest for Ralf Straaberg

I won first place in the Tutorial Contest at PSP Party for this cutie
Please click image to view at original size for  legible copyright info
I won 3rd place in the PTE Tag Contest Featuring Tammy's awesome Scrapkit
I won first place for the DSI Weekly Facebook Contest featuring the artwork of Barachan
Each of the following won second place in the DSI weekly Facebook contest for the artists:
Ester Durâes

Hollow Pixie
Poupée De Chair 
Please click picture to view proper credits
Yes that last one is a little creepy and because I lost my PSP I wasn't able to change it how I wanted...  It probably wouldn't have won 2nd but in this weeks contest that was last place.  :o(   We need more people to join the DSI Facebook page and participate in the weekly contest.  Sometimes everyone who enters gets a gift...  tube, tag or what ever... and sometimes just the !st, 2nd and 3rd places...  but no matter what it is good fun. The artist of the week is always on sale for the week...  so come on, you might win!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

America - Land That I Love FTU Forum Set

Please click image to view clear copyright and license info
I did this for a challenge on my 4th of July, loved the ease of it and decided to write a tutorial for you. 

I am using the wonderful FTU kit Land That We Love by Crystal's Creations.

I have chose to use a very lovely tube "Americana" that you must purchase and have your own license to use by Tony Tzanoukakis that is available at PSP Tubes Emporium (PTE).

Filter used is Penta Jeans

Font for name is QuigleyWiggly.

I will not tell you when to drop shadow or how as I feel that is a personal preference.

To begin open a 600w x 250h new transparent image at 72dpi and one that is 150x150.

I have selected paper 10 and paper 5 for the back ground of this set.

For the bottom most layer the following steps work for both the avi and the sig:

Copy paper 10 so that it is on your clipboard.
Select all in your tag (avi/sig)
Paste into your selection, select none
Effects - Plugins Penta Jeans
Amount 10
Border Width 4

Prepare Paper 5 by adjusting the size so that it is 100% on my PSP I had to adjust it by 76% - Note:  what ever size is indicated next to the name of the paper will be your adjustment rate.

For the Signature tag:
Select all - Modify - Contract = 6
Paste as a new layer onto your paper 5 so that the words an stars are lined up well underneath the new layer.
On the layer you just created, select all - invert
Select the paper 5 layer and click Delete
Copy this layer into your clip board close the paper without saving the changes.
Paste the copied paper into your signature as a new layer.

For Avi:
Using your Free Hand Selection tool set to Point to Point
Draw a diamond where the word America is at the center of it
Copy and paste this into your avi.

Open Element ee20
Copy and paste this into your signature
Adjust size using your pick tool and move to the left hand side of your tag
Duplicate this layer - mirror and flip it

Open Element frame ee18
resize it by 30 % for the avi copy and paste it as a new layer
undo the resize
resize it by 50 % copy and paste it as a new layer
clean up the excess from the ee20 copies that are unwanted - merge these layers

Copy your close up and paste onto your tag - resize using your pick tool
Move layer to below the frame
With your magic wand select the inside of your frame - modify - expand by 3
Invert and with the tube selected Delete
Duplicate your tube layer
Adjust - Blur- Gaussian Blur 3
Change Blend Mode to Overlay

Paste full tube as a new layer adjust size using your pick tool
Hide all other layers except for the bottom "blank" raster layer
with the tube layer selected, merge visible
this will remove any excess tube.

Duplicate the tube
Adjust - Blur- Gaussian Blur 3
Change blend mode to multiply
Add a desired Drop Shadow to the bottom layer
Merge visible
Duplicate and mirror this new layer

Unhide all other layers,

Add any other desired elements,
copyright information and your name

We are done, TY for trying my tutorial!