Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spotlight Tags

I don't normally brag about things but I feel it is high time I share. I am having a rough time financially ATM while waiting for SSI and I just had to renew my State Disability but to keep me from completely loosing my mind I have to keep doing what I enjoy which is tagging. For the most part I have been keeping up by entering and winning a few contests! I do not win them all, but I seem to be able to stand my ground this way. And of course by continuing my Swag Bucks earning (they now have a $10 Paypal GC available yay me!)

Some of these might look familiar as I usually will take bits and pieces of a forum challenge into my tags and use them for as many places as I can... for example the font challenge of one group and a mask from a challenge in another. But this allows me to be really creative and also meet the posting requirements of the forums.

This tag was a recent First Place winner of DSI Artist of the week for Jehsee Facebook Contest:
You may have to click the image to see full size to view clear credits.
I won First place in the May Contest "April Showers Bring May Flowers" contest and my tag was shown in the June issue of Tagger's E-Magazine for this tag:

I won at Graphic Groupies with this tag (I failed to make one for myself LOL)

Click image for full-size to read credits
I won at Naughty Girls with this entry, which the vote was very close!:

Click image to view full size to view credits
These two tags won May contests at PSP Party:

Click image to view credits at full-size

These tags have been featured in Pics For Design magazine

May Issue - click image to view credits at full-size

April Issue - Click image to view credits at full-size

These tags each won third place in the DSI Artist of the week contests in May

Giada AOTW Contest - click image for full size view of credits

Jehsee AOTM Contest - Click image for larger viewing of credits
Please note the reason I am posting these is so my family who are states away can see them...  they are really not for bragging.  These are winning tags but trust me I enter plenty that I win nothing for there are many talented people in the world.  I will refrain from showing you the loser tags.  LOL

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