Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Emo Star - PTU

I am using the artwork of Lady Mishka this particular tube is available by license ownership only and can be found at Scraps and the City here.

I am using a PTU Kit by Grunge and Glitter called Emolicious you can get it here

Reminder I will not tell you when to Drop Shadow your creation unless it has something directly to do with the effect. Please do so as desired.

Open a new transparent image 600x600 - we can trim it up later if needed.

Open clusterframe1 resize it by 75%

Copy and paste it as a new layer into your transparent image.

Duplicate the frame.

Open your tube. I resized mine all layers 40%

Copy the extreme CU and paste as a new layer and place in between your frame layers.

Erase any access from the bottom of the tube.

Erase the top of the top-most frame layer so that the head of your tube appears to be coming through the frame.

With your Bottom Raster Layer (should be empty) selected - selections select all

Paste your paper of choice into the selection. I have selected Paper 10

Select none.

Use mask of choice. I am using WSLMASK283 - Merge Group

On frame layer directly above Mask

Select with Magic wand settings = Replace contiguous and anti-alias checked

Making sure you are on your Group - Raster 1 layer

Blinds Settings=

Width 2
Opacity 20
Color = Black
Horizontal and Light from left/top both checked

Click ok

Keep selection

Add Noise Settings=

Noise 17
Monochrome checked

Click ok

Keep selection

Inner Bevel Settings=

Bevel 2
Width 14
Smoothness 63
Depth 11
Ambience -25
Shininess 35
color white
Angle 0
Intensity 50
Elevation 50

click ok

Selection = none

Add elements of your choice

Add your full tube to your creation

Add your Credits

Close your tube and remember DO NOT save the changes!

Add any writing or just your name and save the tag - I used the font the King & Queen

with a selected color from my tube used as a gradient glow.

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