Monday, May 23, 2011

Gothic Wind Siggy Set - Exclusive FTU

Click image to see original size for clear copyright and license info

I am using the artwork of Anna Marine, I purchased my tube while CILM was in business.  You will need to purchase her art from CDO and must have a license to use her work.

I am using the kit Funky Fresh by Dreamland Designs made as an exclusive to PSP Party Central.  Though it is free, you must be a member to have this kit.  So come on in and join the party!

Font of choice - I used A Charming Font Expanded

Plug-ins - Eye Candy 4000 and Eyecandy 5 Impact

Animation Shop

Open a new transparent image 600x250 and a new transparent image 125x125 or 150x150 *I am making mine for PSP Party Central and the size requirement is 125x125

Copy Paper 8 and paste as a new layer in each of your new images.  Merge visible on both of them (this will get rid of any excess paper).

Open paper 14 Using your crop tool, crop out only one of the pattern designs.  Copy and paste as a new layer into your Avatar size image.  Undo the crop on the paper.  To crop the proper size for the siggy, change your canvas size so the width is 580.  Crop the size you wish to have it so that is as close to centered as you can get it.  My finished canvas size is 578x224.  Copy and paste as a new layer into your siggy.  Close and do not save changes.

Working on the Siggy:

Copy and paste your tube...  I am using one with a fence in the back ground.  I have pasted my tube layer with the fence and mirrored it so it is on the left side of my image, resized to my liking with my pick tool.  Hide your paper layers. Add a new raster layer above the top paper and merge visible.  This will get rid of the excess tube.

Copy and paste your tube (this one is the tube only) and place it to the right of your top-most paper. Hide all other layers, add a new raster layer above your other tube layer and merge visible.  Change the Blend Mode to Luminance (L).

Select your top paper - float - defloat - invert and with your top tube selected hit delete.

Duplicate the tube layer 2 times, rename each layer tube 1, tube 2, tube 3.

Hide Tube 2 and 3 layers.

Using your freehand selector select the ends of the hair on your tube 1 layer.  Using your Eye Candy 4000 Jiggle with the following settings:

Movement Type= Bubbles
Bubble size =41
Warp Amount = 5
Twist = 8

Leave the selection as is and repeat on each of the tube 2 and 3 layers hitting the random seed button.

Select none

With your top paper selected - Use Eycandy 5 Impact Gradient Glow with the following settings:

Settings tab= Factory

Basic tab=

Glow type = Outside
Mask slection checked
Glow Radius = 5
Soften Corners = 0
Overall Opacity = 100
Lump Size = 55
Smoothness = 54

Place any elements you'd like to use from your kit...  I have use the  sparkle and the white butterfly.

Add your credits and license information.  For this I use Pixlette size 8 with the Anti-alias off.

Hide your tube layers 2 and 3 and copy merged and paste into Animation Shop.

Hide tube 1 layer and open tube 2 layer - copy merged and paste behind frame, hide tube 2 layer and repeat steps for tube 3 layer.

Avatar completion:

I chose not to animate my version...  that would be up to you and you can use similar settings as above.

With the top most paper layer selected use Eyecandy 5 Impact Gradient Glow with the same settings as above.

Add your tube layer - resize with pick tool to your liking

Blend mode Luminance (L)

Add your copyright and license information - the TOU's for most company allow you to leave off the web addy for small images or even for PG forums so this is allowed.

Merge visible.

Note - I save my unanimated versions for future use and I add the names on last.

In order to propagate the paste in animation shop I do the following:

Type your name onto your tag.  Convert to raster add DS as desired.  Copy (not merged).  Paste as a new animation.  Hit Control "L" twice so that you have three frames (matches the frames on your tag).  Control A selects and copies the new animation.  Drag and drop new animation into the first frame of your tag. This propigates the paste into each frame of your tag.

We are done!

I made a second version for my friend Shelly at Graphic Groupies - for this one I used a tube by the Hunter that you can purchase at PTE.
Please click image to see larger version to view credits

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