Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emo Queen - No Scraps

 My friend of a long time gave me a wonderful tube to use in a tutorial for you.  Thank you Celine for your awesome generosity!

Things you will need:

Template #9 2001 from  DesignsByAli

Emo girl tube by Celine Art Pinup, you can get yours at Scraps and the City

Plug-ins = MuRa's Meister - Copies and I used Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow on the name

Drop shadow as desired unless stated

Let's Do This!

Open Template and resize all layers by 75%.  Change canvas size to 600x600.

Delete Raster Layer 14 - Credits layer

Select a light and dark color from your tube.

Change the settings on your pallet to a Gradient Repeat 1 time angle 221

Select Raster 9 layer - with your Change to Target Brush tool "Paint" the visible portion of this layer.

Select Raster 3 layer - repeat the painting steps above.

Select Raster 1 layer -  Select all - float - defloat - flood fill with your gradient.

Select none.

Open your tube and Cut it down to where just the head down to the hands are visible.

Cut and Copy - Paste the copy as a new layer on the Template.  Go back to the tube and undo.

On the Tempate Move the Tube so that it is located to the left of the Circle above raster 1 layer.

Duplicate - Mirror - move to the right of the same circle so that the eyes are above Raster 10 layer and move layer below the original.

Merge the tube layers.

Select Raster 1 layer - Select all - Float - Defloat and Invert.

Select Tube layer - delete.  Select None - Duplicate.

On Duplicate layer - Gaussian Blur 3 - Change the layer Blend Mode settings to Overlay.

On Original Layer - change the layer Blend Mode settings to screen.  Texture efects - Blinds with the following settings:

Width = 2
Opacity = 8
Color = Black
Horizontal and Light from left/top both checked.

Select Raster 8 -  Paint the visible portions with the Change Target Brush tool

Open your tube and cut it down to where only the Kitty Skull is visible - copy and paste as a new image.

Undo the cut on your tube.

On your new kitty image to prep it - Use your selection tool to rescale it to 300%.

Using The Freehand Selection Tool - I used Point to Point but you may use Edge seeker or whatever you prefer.  Holding your shift key outline the kitty.  Invert and Delete the white back ground.

Copy and Paste into your template moving it above Raster 2.

Use your MuRa's Meister Filter Copies with the following settings:

(Shift Mode)
(blend Mode)
Number = 65
Shift X and Shift Y =  50
Angle, Rotation Attentation = 0
Scale = 100
Thru BG Range and Fade Out = 0
(all other setting are not usable)

Click OK

Select Raster 2 layer - Select all - Float - Defloat - Invert.

Make sure your are on your kitties layer and Delete.  Select none.

Change Blend Mode to Luminance (L) and fade to 50%.

Select Raster 5 - Select All - Float - Defloat - Flood Fill with your Gradient. Adjust - Add Noise with the following settings:

Gaussian, Noise 50% Monochrome checked.

Add Your tube - resize if necessary - erase any portion below the "Emo Queen" box.

Duplicate - on the Duplicate layer Gaussion Blur same settings as before, change the blend mode to Overlay.

On Original Layer Add a Drop Shadow as desired.

Flood Fill Raster 7.

Add Your Credits and License.  Add your name.

And you are finished.

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