Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On false accusations...

Someone has accused me of stealing my name "Tonya's Treasures" from (actually a friend of mine, whom I've lost contact with mainly because of my illness') Theresa's Treasures who makes some of the most awesome scrapkits around, until last year she always called them Theresa's Scraps.  I don't believe this name change was in anyway trying to harm me or my reputation, so I never said a word...  it doesn't bother me that someone else thinks of their works as "Treasures".  That being said, to have someone accuse me of stealing her name is wrong...  and couldn't be further from the truth.  I am so angry and hurt right now it is not even funny.

So I figured I would break out the proof...  I have attached a print screen of the file name and date in which it was created.  Keep in mind that before this I had a brush, which I no longer use so I no longer have the file to show you.  But the thing is, my accuser is wrong!  WOW there are some people out there who really need to get a life and grow up!


  1. Oh trust me girl I know COMPLETELY what you're talking about!
    I have been Dark Angel since I was 7 years old when my father gave me that nickname, it wasn't just something that came up on MySpace / Facebook and I have had people that try and use my name but you know what, those that know you, know that you are and have been using this name for YEARS and for those that don't like it, well tough shit!
    You are the original and in my book the ONLY Tonya's Treasures!

  2. There's always gonna be 1 person to tries to start shit with u. And over a name is pathetic. This chick needs some shit knocked into her. There's no copyright on names. There's pleanty of ppl out there that use treasures in their name..Hell there is a store called Treasured Scraps..So did she steal the name too..I'd just make this accuser go poof but not talking to her,block her or do what u have to do. I think ur name suits u perfectly..Hmm maybe i'll change my name to Angel's Treasures lmao..I'd like to see her email me about it.

  3. People are stupid! Why argue or come down on someone else like that? Screw them all...we love ya girl and don't let them get you down!

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  5. We could all make our tags Treasures... that would be awesome! I already deleted and blocked the person from my e-mail and reported them for spam too! LMAO

    I got the name when I was making banners and such for the children at my group Classy Creationz with a Cause. One of the parents said they would "treasure" the tag always. It touched me deeply. From that day forward, my tags became Tonya's Treasures back in 2006.

  6. You outta have my nickname which I've had since I was around 18mos-2yrs... I've always been known as Sassy.. my family called me that.. my friends called me that... hell my husband calls me that. Did they steal it? NO! My mother never stole a thing in her life, ever. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong... she was, after all, MY mother. There are so many Sassy's out there that it's insane. Tell that person to buggar and get a real life. Tell her you don't have time to waste on freakin' cry babies... get a life and get over it. I'm really sorry this is happening to you hon. It truly sucks. *HUGS* =)