Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On false accusations...

Someone has accused me of stealing my name "Tonya's Treasures" from (actually a friend of mine, whom I've lost contact with mainly because of my illness') Theresa's Treasures who makes some of the most awesome scrapkits around, until last year she always called them Theresa's Scraps.  I don't believe this name change was in anyway trying to harm me or my reputation, so I never said a word...  it doesn't bother me that someone else thinks of their works as "Treasures".  That being said, to have someone accuse me of stealing her name is wrong...  and couldn't be further from the truth.  I am so angry and hurt right now it is not even funny.

So I figured I would break out the proof...  I have attached a print screen of the file name and date in which it was created.  Keep in mind that before this I had a brush, which I no longer use so I no longer have the file to show you.  But the thing is, my accuser is wrong!  WOW there are some people out there who really need to get a life and grow up!