Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Irene aka Zirconia PTU

Hiya everyone...
There was some confusion regarding the Elias Limited Edition tube "Irene"
He has painted this interesting model several times as she is a personal friend of his...
Only the ones with blue in her hair are named "Zirconia" at PTE
But if you check out this tube at his deviant art she is named Irene aka Zirconia.
My friend Alika Scraps named this lovely kit after her according to Deviant Art.
So...  we are using the kit "Totally Zirconia" with the Irene tube which it was made to match...
Gotta love fun stories!!

On with our TUT!

Materials needed:
Limited Edition Elias "IRENE tube - which is available through the end of the month at PTE
 The 5 other tubes of the same Model...
Which to my knowledge are:
PTU Scrap kit by Alika can be purchased at Twilight Scraps or any of her other stores
 MuRa's Meister Filter
Vix big mask 008
Font = Grado Gradoo

Open a new Transparent Image 600 x 600 72 DPI
Select all
Copy paper03 and Paste into Selection
Apply your mask
Merge Group

Resize element as15 by 61%
Copy and Paste as a new layer on your image
(be sure to close it without saving it)
Use MuRa's Meister Copies with the following settings:
(Blend Mode)
Number = 10
Shift X and Y = 50
Cycle = 100
Scale = 100
All others = 0
Click ok

Copy and paste your Close Up (CU) as a new layer
Move it down below the stars frame you just made
Center the CU as desired
Erase any excess tube showing below the frame
Blend Mode = Luminance (L)
Opacity =62
Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance

Resize element as08 by 75%
Copy and paste as a new layer - use your pick tool to place as desired
Duplicate and use pick tool to turn sideways and place as desired
after turning element may blur - use Adjust - Sharpen to fix

Copy and paste each of your tubes
(if you have them all it should be 6)
Erase each bottom half of the tubes
Use your pick tool to place in desired spaces behind the film layer (element as08) and its duplicate
Effects - Photo Effects - Black and White Film
*Add a raster layer below the Black and white tubes
Flood fill = white
Merge the three Black and white tubes that are meant for the bottom most film strip
onto the white layer
With your Magic Wand select the inside of each of the 3 rectangles on the film strip
(HOLD down the shift key)
Modify - Expand = 2
With white layer selected - Delete
Repeat steps from * for the other film strip

Copy and paste element as 21 as a new layer - place as desired with pick tool

Copy and paste element as 60 as a new layer - place as desired and resize as needed with pick tool

Copy and Paste your main tube over the top of all other layers.
Adjust - Gaussian Blur = 3
Blend Mode = Soft Light
Opacity = 60

Add your credits
Add your name

Your Done!  Thank you for playing!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween In Bed FTU

At Siggy Showdown we get bonus 500 charms for using the same tube in all our entries this week, this tag is for the Template Challenge.  This is easy to do with Barbara Jensen's collection of layered tubes!  I am making this tut with one of my entries, and I will share my others at the bottom of the tut....  so you can see how versatile the tubes are this way!  Love it!


Tube: I am using the gorgeous artwork of Barbara Jensen which you can find here the tube is PUL 7-1 "In Bed by 9".  You must have a license to use her work.
Template: I am using template 141 by Punky Butts, you can find it here
Scrapkit: FTU Halloween kit by Alikas Scraps you can find here be sure to leave some love!
Fonts: Wordart = Quiff ,  Name=Avalon (Paid font)
Plug-ins: Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Nature

Prepare your template:
Remove the credits and word art.
Resize by 86% (this will allow the width = 600 which is usually the widest allowed in most forums)
Select two colors from one of the papers from your kit - make these a gradient
Using your Change to Target Brush -  color the frames - alternate between the gradient colors in the foreground and back ground so that they are colored as desired.
Merge the Square Frames together (Make sure the layer is above the Squares)
Merge the Left and Right Squares together
Merge the Left and Right Circle Frames (make sure the layer is above the Left and Right Circles)
Merge the Left and Right Circles together

Prepare your tube:
Resize tube 90%
To help my tube match the kit I selected I have made the following layers visible:
Top Black
Bottoms Black
Shoes Violet
Hair Black
Lip Nails Black
Eyes Hazel
Stocking Black
Black Bracelet
Black Necklace

Let's get started!
Resize element as22 by 90%
Copy and paste as a new layer above the background layer
Use pick tool to move it to the left of the tag
Duplicate Flip and Mirror the layer.
On the Merged Square layer Select all Float and Defloat
Copy aspaper02 Paste into the selection
Select none
Resize element  as06 by 70%
Copy and paste as a new layer - move layer above square frames
with Pick Tool move to bottom right of tag
Duplicate - flip and mirror so that the duplicate is on upper left of tag.
On the Large Circle Select all Float and Defloat
Copy aspaper03 Paste into the selection
Select none
On the Merged Circle layer Select all Float and Defloat
Copy aspaper04 Paste into the selection
Resize element as18 by 50%
Copy and paste as a new layer so that it is above the right rectangle layer.
Duplicate and mirror the element layer
Resize element as33 by 90%
Copy and paste it as a new layer so that it is the top of the entire template
Copy and paste element as13 as a new layer - erase excess
Copy merged your tube and paste her as a new layer
Adjust the last two layers to your liking.
At this point I have made my word art - using the glitter fill provided with the template (colored with my gradient), added my credits and name.
I also went back and used Gradient Glow on all frame layers, the glitter layer of my word art and to the name.

I'll be back with the results of the other challenges...  And I'll Edit this post!

Edit #1 - make any Holiday tag using the same tube.
I gave a new look to my old tut here
Edit #2 - Old School Challenge NO Kits - No Templates!
I had fun with this one!
Edit #3 this is for the FTU Scrap Challenge...  I hope I can get the other two done tomorrow.  What is interesting is another member is now using the same tube!  What a challenge!
Edit #4 We were to use the Firefly animation in the background for one of the challenges, I am not happy with the pixellization of my set in animation so I made Barb both animated and non.  :o)
Edit #5 - Last Tag challenge for this round...  was anything goes.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey Cowgirl - FTU

PSP Party is the place to be!!  WOOT!!
Sassy really scored when she invited her friend Bengals1 to join the Party!!
She will be releasing a new tube every two weeks from him of his lovely wife!
Thank you so much for this!
On with our TUT!

Tube:  I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey which is copyright Bengals1 for the commission as it is his lovely wife.  You may be get your tube at PSP Party as she is an exclusive there, but you must earn her and use your assigned license.  Otherwise you may find the artwork of Keith Garvey at PTE.
Scrapkit:  Born to Ride by Stef you may be able to find it on the Freebie Friends blog here
Font:  MTF Elegance by Miss Tina Fonts here
Filter: Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow
This is just going to be a mini tut...  
I will tell you some details but mostly I used parts of the scrapkit and
used my pick tool to re-size and place the elements to my liking.
Drop shadow as desired unless specified.
Elements in the order they appear from bottom to top copy and paste as a new layer (re-sized):
element 25
element 19 (2 times)
frame 4
element 34
element 3 (4 times various sizes) Merge all with
element 4 (3 times various sizes) Merged
element 31
element 32
frame 2 (rotated)
element 4
element 2

After placing the elements as desired duplicate the following and change the blend mode to burn on the duplicate layer(s)
All elements 3 and 4 (flowers merged and non-merged)
element 2
frame 2
Merge duplicates to the originals

*Select paper 2 - copy to clipboard
 Using your magic wand - select inside the right side of the frame
Modify - expand by 3
Create a new raster layer
Paste inside selection
Select paper 3 - repeat from * for left side of frame
Merge paper layers
Duplicate and change blend mode to Burn - Merge again

Select two colors (foreground and background) and set the palette to gradient

With the merged flower layer selected paste your tube in it's original size erase body and legs
move remainder of the tube so that it is in the middle frame.
Adjust - Mirror
Duplicate the tube
Select the bottom tube layer
Modify - expand by 1
flood fill with your gradient
merge the tubes together
duplicate the tube again
move one above the frame layer
erase the bottom most portion of the top layer so that the tube appears to be coming through the frame.

With the very top layer selected
Paste your tube as a new layer again and re-size to your liking.
Adjust -  Gaussian blur = 3
Blend mode = hard light

Add your credits
add your name as shown.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Private Independence FTU

Before I start the tutorial I have to put a plug in for a new free money site!
I got my first $2 bucks today from them after being there a week only!
Yes I bought a new tube!  Woot!!
You can join too, it's easy and free,
You only have to give them your PayPal e-mail...  everything else is up to you
You don't have to even give them your true name...
The "Surveys" are more like a poll than a survey and they are fun!
One of my true friends won one of the $50 daily drawings!!
She got me started hoping to win big too and I am hooked.
Join us!

Next I keep forgetting to share my blinkie...
Mindy Mae made it for me and I love it!!
As soon as I learn how to make one of them boxes with the code for you all, I will....
in the mean time here she is!
If you are in need of a fabulous Blinkie visit PSP Party Central for the Blinkie Service!!

Now on with our Tutorial!

Tube: I am using the very first Neoracer Forum Exclusive!
She was privately obtained by myself and donated to PSP Party Central.
In order to own her you must have earned her and you must use your PPC license.
Scrap kit: A gorgeous FTU Scrapkit by Jessica at Gothic Inspirations called Independent Woman
Thank you sweetie for your part of the Blog Train by Bits N Bobs.
Template: Deb & Kristin 2011 Collab Temp 4 available at Creative Misfits - Thanks ladies!
Fonts: Thank you to Staci for the font challenge for showing me these fonts!!
Word art is Ol' Cowboy Font and can be found here
and the name is Special Type Font and can be found here
 Plug-ins: DSB Flux

Lets begin!
Select Two Colors from your tube
(I selected mine from her eyeshadow for contrast to her socks)
Make them into a gradient of your choice

Duplicate your template (shift + D)
We will be begin at the bottom
*Select layer 7 float & defloat
insert a new layer
copy and paste paper 6 into your selection
modify expand your selection by 5
with the original layer selected - flood fill with your gradient
DSB Flux - Bright noise setting at 75
Select none
NOTE: Drop shadow as desired throughout - that is personal preference
Repeat from * with layer 6
Select Layer 5 float & defloat
insert a new layer
move the layer below layer five
modify and expand by 5
flood fill with your gradient
DSB Flux same settings as before
Select none
Select Layer 4 float & defloat
Paste paper 6 inside selection
Select none
Open frame 2
Image - rotate left or right

Image resize by 55%
Copy and paste as a new layer
use your pick tool to place at the top of layer 4
Make sure it pick tool is on scale settings
pull bottom of frame so that the frame literally "frames" the layer.
Open the element called Parchment piece
Image Rotate - either direction is fine
Copy and paste as a new layer
using your pick tool place it over the top of layer 3
use the layer as a guideline to resize the parchment using the pick tool
You may delete layer 3.

Using Ol' Cowboy Font type word art as desired.
I typed Party (top) and Time (bottom)
font size 48
with a color chosen from her hair
Blend mode is Burn
Transarency of the layer is 65%
Select layer 2 float and defloat
Copy paper 7 and paste it into selection
Select none
Resize the netting element by 75%
Copy and paste it as a new layer
Adjust - Mirror and move to the left of the tag
as shown over layer 2.
Select layer 1 - float and defloat
insert a new layer
copy and paste paper 1 inside the selection
making sure you are on the original layer
modify and expand by 5
flood fill and add DSB Flux just as before
select none
Open your tube
Resize the Close up layer by 80%
Copy and paste as a new layer
Copy and paste over the newest layer made
Select the top paper layer - float defloat
Invert - and with the tube layer selected hit delete
Change settings to luminance (L)
Opacity = 50%
If needed resize full-bodied tube by 42% to get her to fit the tag
Copy and paste.
Add any other elements you'd like from the scrap kit
add your credits
Add a name and we are done!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Steamed - PTU

Click image to see credits and view at full size
I searched high and low for a "Steam Punk" mask and could not find one for my tag.
So I decided to write a tutorial for you and include my mask in the supplies.

Tube:  I am using a Graphic Groupies exclusive tube by Elias Chatzoudis.
You must have earned the rights to use this tube from Graphic Groupies and be issued their license.
Come and join us for some great times!!

Scrap kit:  I am using the gorgeous Steam Punk style kit Guarding Elias by Bello Scarto 
Jay I really enjoyed your kit, and as I said it is perfect for this tube!
I bought mine at Scraps and the City here - I just love that store.

Font: Summertime I am using the TrueType version of the font.

Supplies: I have included my mask (I made today just for this tag) and my sparkle;
you can download here
If anyone is looking for a Steampunk Mask please direct them here,
but please do not share my mask.

Plug-ins:  I used Alien Skin Eye Candy 5:Impact - gradient glow.

Let's get started on this very simple tut!
Open a new transparent image 72DPDI 600x600
Select all and Copy and Paste paper 9 into the selection.
Select none.
Apply your mask
merge group
Copy and paste element 5 as a new layer
move this towards the right hand corner slightly
Add a new layer
Select all Copy and paste paper 10 into selection
Select None
Using your pick tool (scale setting)-resize the paper to fit the train image under the Element
Erase the outer portion visible outside the element
Copy and paste element 1 as a new layer
move this towards the bottom left of element 5
add a drop shadow with the following settings:
Offset both Vertical and Horizontal = 0
Attributes - Opacity = 68 Blur = 18.84 Color = red
Add your tube of choice
(Note I used my pick-tool to resize my tube)
Duplicate the tube layer
with the bottom tube selected
Adjust Blur - Gaussian Blur with radius=3
add the same drop shadow as before
add the supplied sparkle layer on the top of the tube
Apply your credits
Add the name to the tag using the Summertime font
Adjust Add Noise Gaussian 23% Monochrome Checked
Apply Gradient Glow with the following settings:
Outside Glow
Mask Selection checked
Glow radius = 5.0
Soft Corners = 0
Opacity = 100
Distort = 0
Lump = 55
Smoothness = 54
Color = black
Apply the same drop shadow as before

Thank you for trying my tut!

Monday, August 1, 2011

PSP Party Central Exclusive - Kinky Angel

Hello everyone as you may or may not know I am part of the CT for PSP Party Central which I am also a mod of sorts LOL.  I say of sorts because you know I am sick just all the time (right now I have the hives and no clue why!!) so my Mojo is not the greatest.  :o)

So as CT I was around to fulfill the request for the Monthly VIP tag for this month.  Congrats Anni!!  I hope you enjoy your perks!  The Forum is sponsored by Pics for Design and so one of the perks for being chosen VIP is a free Month of their Exclusive Club!  That is one lucky gal!

There are ways of winning tube prizes from Pics for Design there too...  The Tutorial Contest, and Monthly Tag Contest as well as a drawing for those who have a Birthday and check into the Birthday Party!

Not only do we have those great things in our forum, we also have awesome Exclusive tubes and scrap kits and other Party Favors!  Our Exclusive tubes are some of the easiest to obtain, Mindy's philosophy is to have fun earning the tubes but the more people able to earn them, the more able to use them!

So on with our Tut....
Materials needed:
PSP Party Central Exclusive Kinky Angel tube by Lady Mishka you must have a PPC license to use this tube.  You may purchase the tube in the PSP Party Shop with Party Cash earned at the forum.
PSP Party Central Exclusive Kinky Angel Scrap Kit by Myztic Designzz (Thank you Shazza!)
Vix Mask 34 You can get at her here Thank you so much Vix!
Font is a Free Font called MaryHelenJF
Filter used Alien Skin EyeCandy 5:Impact - Gradient Glow
I am using Corel X2 but any version will work.
Drop Shadow as desired -  that is a personal preference.

Let's get started:
Open a new transparent image 600x600 DPI72
Open your Circle frame in your kit and resize it to 67% copy and paste it as a new layer into your new image.  Duplicate 2 times.  Using your Pick tool on the Scale mode resize each of the duplicates - and move them using my tag as a guide.
Open your papers of choice... I will tell you those that I used below.
For the bottom duplicate frame - using your magic wand select inside the frame modify - expand = 3, add a new layer. Copy and paste paper 2 into the selection. Deselect.
Repeat for the top duplicate frame using paper 1.
Repeat the process two times for the original frame - with Paper 8 and paper 16.
Use your eraser tool set on a grunge brush if you have one or a default brush like Marble or Smoke...
erase about half of the top-most paper layer of the large frame.
Select all on the very bottom layer (which should be blank) and paste your background paper choice into your selection.  I am using paper 10.
Apply your mask.
Merge Group and Duplicate the mask and Rotate the new layer 90­°.
Copy and paste the "Kinky Angel" Element to a layer above your bottom frame.  Place her to the left of the frame as shown in my tag.  Duplicate and move a copy below the frame.  With your eraser tool (reset to normal) erase the bottom of the top element so that the frame shows.  Now with your magic wand, select the inside of your frame, Modify expand = 3 and invert, with your bottom Kinky Angel selected, delete.  She now looks like she is coming through the frame.

Place your medium Close Up (CU) layer below the top (small top frame) most frame. Adjust as necessary with your Pick tool (I mirrored mine).  With your magic wand select inside the frame,Modify expand = 3 and invert, with your tube layer selected, delete.
Repeat (not mirrored) with the large CU for the middle frame (small bottom frame).
For the top close up change the Blend mode to Luminance(L), Opacity 72%
For the bottom most close up the Blend mode is Overlay, Opacity 69%

Use any elements you desire to further decorate your tag, remember this is your creation, be creative!
Place your full size as a new layer to the top of your creation
Add your credits to the tag and your name.

For the name I created a gradient using two colors in my tag and added noise of 20% and added the factory gradient glow.

And we are done!

Lady Mishka has started a Goth style Gallery and so I made her a tag using the dark version of her tube...  The tube comes in both the Purple and the Black.  :o)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spotlight Tags for June/July

Hi everyone!  Sharing again - I hope you don't mind.  Everyone I used to show my winners to are far away from me at the moment, quite possibly for a long time...  Ah life, you never quite know which direction the road will take you.  :o)

I won first place in the Weekly DSI Facebook Contest for Ralf Straaberg

I won first place in the Tutorial Contest at PSP Party for this cutie
Please click image to view at original size for  legible copyright info
I won 3rd place in the PTE Tag Contest Featuring Tammy's awesome Scrapkit
I won first place for the DSI Weekly Facebook Contest featuring the artwork of Barachan
Each of the following won second place in the DSI weekly Facebook contest for the artists:
Ester Durâes

Hollow Pixie
Poupée De Chair 
Please click picture to view proper credits
Yes that last one is a little creepy and because I lost my PSP I wasn't able to change it how I wanted...  It probably wouldn't have won 2nd but in this weeks contest that was last place.  :o(   We need more people to join the DSI Facebook page and participate in the weekly contest.  Sometimes everyone who enters gets a gift...  tube, tag or what ever... and sometimes just the !st, 2nd and 3rd places...  but no matter what it is good fun. The artist of the week is always on sale for the week...  so come on, you might win!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

America - Land That I Love FTU Forum Set

Please click image to view clear copyright and license info
I did this for a challenge on my 4th of July, loved the ease of it and decided to write a tutorial for you. 

I am using the wonderful FTU kit Land That We Love by Crystal's Creations.

I have chose to use a very lovely tube "Americana" that you must purchase and have your own license to use by Tony Tzanoukakis that is available at PSP Tubes Emporium (PTE).

Filter used is Penta Jeans

Font for name is QuigleyWiggly.

I will not tell you when to drop shadow or how as I feel that is a personal preference.

To begin open a 600w x 250h new transparent image at 72dpi and one that is 150x150.

I have selected paper 10 and paper 5 for the back ground of this set.

For the bottom most layer the following steps work for both the avi and the sig:

Copy paper 10 so that it is on your clipboard.
Select all in your tag (avi/sig)
Paste into your selection, select none
Effects - Plugins Penta Jeans
Amount 10
Border Width 4

Prepare Paper 5 by adjusting the size so that it is 100% on my PSP I had to adjust it by 76% - Note:  what ever size is indicated next to the name of the paper will be your adjustment rate.

For the Signature tag:
Select all - Modify - Contract = 6
Paste as a new layer onto your paper 5 so that the words an stars are lined up well underneath the new layer.
On the layer you just created, select all - invert
Select the paper 5 layer and click Delete
Copy this layer into your clip board close the paper without saving the changes.
Paste the copied paper into your signature as a new layer.

For Avi:
Using your Free Hand Selection tool set to Point to Point
Draw a diamond where the word America is at the center of it
Copy and paste this into your avi.

Open Element ee20
Copy and paste this into your signature
Adjust size using your pick tool and move to the left hand side of your tag
Duplicate this layer - mirror and flip it

Open Element frame ee18
resize it by 30 % for the avi copy and paste it as a new layer
undo the resize
resize it by 50 % copy and paste it as a new layer
clean up the excess from the ee20 copies that are unwanted - merge these layers

Copy your close up and paste onto your tag - resize using your pick tool
Move layer to below the frame
With your magic wand select the inside of your frame - modify - expand by 3
Invert and with the tube selected Delete
Duplicate your tube layer
Adjust - Blur- Gaussian Blur 3
Change Blend Mode to Overlay

Paste full tube as a new layer adjust size using your pick tool
Hide all other layers except for the bottom "blank" raster layer
with the tube layer selected, merge visible
this will remove any excess tube.

Duplicate the tube
Adjust - Blur- Gaussian Blur 3
Change blend mode to multiply
Add a desired Drop Shadow to the bottom layer
Merge visible
Duplicate and mirror this new layer

Unhide all other layers,

Add any other desired elements,
copyright information and your name

We are done, TY for trying my tutorial!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spotlight Tags

I don't normally brag about things but I feel it is high time I share. I am having a rough time financially ATM while waiting for SSI and I just had to renew my State Disability but to keep me from completely loosing my mind I have to keep doing what I enjoy which is tagging. For the most part I have been keeping up by entering and winning a few contests! I do not win them all, but I seem to be able to stand my ground this way. And of course by continuing my Swag Bucks earning (they now have a $10 Paypal GC available yay me!)

Some of these might look familiar as I usually will take bits and pieces of a forum challenge into my tags and use them for as many places as I can... for example the font challenge of one group and a mask from a challenge in another. But this allows me to be really creative and also meet the posting requirements of the forums.

This tag was a recent First Place winner of DSI Artist of the week for Jehsee Facebook Contest:
You may have to click the image to see full size to view clear credits.
I won First place in the May Contest "April Showers Bring May Flowers" contest and my tag was shown in the June issue of Tagger's E-Magazine for this tag:

I won at Graphic Groupies with this tag (I failed to make one for myself LOL)

Click image for full-size to read credits
I won at Naughty Girls with this entry, which the vote was very close!:

Click image to view full size to view credits
These two tags won May contests at PSP Party:

Click image to view credits at full-size

These tags have been featured in Pics For Design magazine

May Issue - click image to view credits at full-size

April Issue - Click image to view credits at full-size

These tags each won third place in the DSI Artist of the week contests in May

Giada AOTW Contest - click image for full size view of credits

Jehsee AOTM Contest - Click image for larger viewing of credits
Please note the reason I am posting these is so my family who are states away can see them...  they are really not for bragging.  These are winning tags but trust me I enter plenty that I win nothing for there are many talented people in the world.  I will refrain from showing you the loser tags.  LOL

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My very first award(s)!!

I came on this morning to post my tutorial before my moms visit today and viola! I found a message that said I have an award!!

This award is to acknowledge blogs that rock. Myrenthia of Designs by Mindy Mae and Holly of Freeks Creations both gave me this awesome award! Thank you so much ladies!♥
To keep this going you now must choose 5 other blogs that rock.
Just leave them a message saying you have given them an award on your blog.
The 5 blogs that I chose, in no particular order are:

Grunge N Glitter


Brutal Designs

Rosie's Templates and More

Leather and Lace Tuts

I truly believe all these sites rock!!

Emo Star - PTU

I am using the artwork of Lady Mishka this particular tube is available by license ownership only and can be found at Scraps and the City here.

I am using a PTU Kit by Grunge and Glitter called Emolicious you can get it here

Reminder I will not tell you when to Drop Shadow your creation unless it has something directly to do with the effect. Please do so as desired.

Open a new transparent image 600x600 - we can trim it up later if needed.

Open clusterframe1 resize it by 75%

Copy and paste it as a new layer into your transparent image.

Duplicate the frame.

Open your tube. I resized mine all layers 40%

Copy the extreme CU and paste as a new layer and place in between your frame layers.

Erase any access from the bottom of the tube.

Erase the top of the top-most frame layer so that the head of your tube appears to be coming through the frame.

With your Bottom Raster Layer (should be empty) selected - selections select all

Paste your paper of choice into the selection. I have selected Paper 10

Select none.

Use mask of choice. I am using WSLMASK283 - Merge Group

On frame layer directly above Mask

Select with Magic wand settings = Replace contiguous and anti-alias checked

Making sure you are on your Group - Raster 1 layer

Blinds Settings=

Width 2
Opacity 20
Color = Black
Horizontal and Light from left/top both checked

Click ok

Keep selection

Add Noise Settings=

Noise 17
Monochrome checked

Click ok

Keep selection

Inner Bevel Settings=

Bevel 2
Width 14
Smoothness 63
Depth 11
Ambience -25
Shininess 35
color white
Angle 0
Intensity 50
Elevation 50

click ok

Selection = none

Add elements of your choice

Add your full tube to your creation

Add your Credits

Close your tube and remember DO NOT save the changes!

Add any writing or just your name and save the tag - I used the font the King & Queen

with a selected color from my tube used as a gradient glow.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gothic Wind Siggy Set - Exclusive FTU

Click image to see original size for clear copyright and license info

I am using the artwork of Anna Marine, I purchased my tube while CILM was in business.  You will need to purchase her art from CDO and must have a license to use her work.

I am using the kit Funky Fresh by Dreamland Designs made as an exclusive to PSP Party Central.  Though it is free, you must be a member to have this kit.  So come on in and join the party!

Font of choice - I used A Charming Font Expanded

Plug-ins - Eye Candy 4000 and Eyecandy 5 Impact

Animation Shop

Open a new transparent image 600x250 and a new transparent image 125x125 or 150x150 *I am making mine for PSP Party Central and the size requirement is 125x125

Copy Paper 8 and paste as a new layer in each of your new images.  Merge visible on both of them (this will get rid of any excess paper).

Open paper 14 Using your crop tool, crop out only one of the pattern designs.  Copy and paste as a new layer into your Avatar size image.  Undo the crop on the paper.  To crop the proper size for the siggy, change your canvas size so the width is 580.  Crop the size you wish to have it so that is as close to centered as you can get it.  My finished canvas size is 578x224.  Copy and paste as a new layer into your siggy.  Close and do not save changes.

Working on the Siggy:

Copy and paste your tube...  I am using one with a fence in the back ground.  I have pasted my tube layer with the fence and mirrored it so it is on the left side of my image, resized to my liking with my pick tool.  Hide your paper layers. Add a new raster layer above the top paper and merge visible.  This will get rid of the excess tube.

Copy and paste your tube (this one is the tube only) and place it to the right of your top-most paper. Hide all other layers, add a new raster layer above your other tube layer and merge visible.  Change the Blend Mode to Luminance (L).

Select your top paper - float - defloat - invert and with your top tube selected hit delete.

Duplicate the tube layer 2 times, rename each layer tube 1, tube 2, tube 3.

Hide Tube 2 and 3 layers.

Using your freehand selector select the ends of the hair on your tube 1 layer.  Using your Eye Candy 4000 Jiggle with the following settings:

Movement Type= Bubbles
Bubble size =41
Warp Amount = 5
Twist = 8

Leave the selection as is and repeat on each of the tube 2 and 3 layers hitting the random seed button.

Select none

With your top paper selected - Use Eycandy 5 Impact Gradient Glow with the following settings:

Settings tab= Factory

Basic tab=

Glow type = Outside
Mask slection checked
Glow Radius = 5
Soften Corners = 0
Overall Opacity = 100
Lump Size = 55
Smoothness = 54

Place any elements you'd like to use from your kit...  I have use the  sparkle and the white butterfly.

Add your credits and license information.  For this I use Pixlette size 8 with the Anti-alias off.

Hide your tube layers 2 and 3 and copy merged and paste into Animation Shop.

Hide tube 1 layer and open tube 2 layer - copy merged and paste behind frame, hide tube 2 layer and repeat steps for tube 3 layer.

Avatar completion:

I chose not to animate my version...  that would be up to you and you can use similar settings as above.

With the top most paper layer selected use Eyecandy 5 Impact Gradient Glow with the same settings as above.

Add your tube layer - resize with pick tool to your liking

Blend mode Luminance (L)

Add your copyright and license information - the TOU's for most company allow you to leave off the web addy for small images or even for PG forums so this is allowed.

Merge visible.

Note - I save my unanimated versions for future use and I add the names on last.

In order to propagate the paste in animation shop I do the following:

Type your name onto your tag.  Convert to raster add DS as desired.  Copy (not merged).  Paste as a new animation.  Hit Control "L" twice so that you have three frames (matches the frames on your tag).  Control A selects and copies the new animation.  Drag and drop new animation into the first frame of your tag. This propigates the paste into each frame of your tag.

We are done!

I made a second version for my friend Shelly at Graphic Groupies - for this one I used a tube by the Hunter that you can purchase at PTE.
Please click image to see larger version to view credits

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emo Queen - No Scraps

 My friend of a long time gave me a wonderful tube to use in a tutorial for you.  Thank you Celine for your awesome generosity!

Things you will need:

Template #9 2001 from  DesignsByAli

Emo girl tube by Celine Art Pinup, you can get yours at Scraps and the City

Plug-ins = MuRa's Meister - Copies and I used Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow on the name

Drop shadow as desired unless stated

Let's Do This!

Open Template and resize all layers by 75%.  Change canvas size to 600x600.

Delete Raster Layer 14 - Credits layer

Select a light and dark color from your tube.

Change the settings on your pallet to a Gradient Repeat 1 time angle 221

Select Raster 9 layer - with your Change to Target Brush tool "Paint" the visible portion of this layer.

Select Raster 3 layer - repeat the painting steps above.

Select Raster 1 layer -  Select all - float - defloat - flood fill with your gradient.

Select none.

Open your tube and Cut it down to where just the head down to the hands are visible.

Cut and Copy - Paste the copy as a new layer on the Template.  Go back to the tube and undo.

On the Tempate Move the Tube so that it is located to the left of the Circle above raster 1 layer.

Duplicate - Mirror - move to the right of the same circle so that the eyes are above Raster 10 layer and move layer below the original.

Merge the tube layers.

Select Raster 1 layer - Select all - Float - Defloat and Invert.

Select Tube layer - delete.  Select None - Duplicate.

On Duplicate layer - Gaussian Blur 3 - Change the layer Blend Mode settings to Overlay.

On Original Layer - change the layer Blend Mode settings to screen.  Texture efects - Blinds with the following settings:

Width = 2
Opacity = 8
Color = Black
Horizontal and Light from left/top both checked.

Select Raster 8 -  Paint the visible portions with the Change Target Brush tool

Open your tube and cut it down to where only the Kitty Skull is visible - copy and paste as a new image.

Undo the cut on your tube.

On your new kitty image to prep it - Use your selection tool to rescale it to 300%.

Using The Freehand Selection Tool - I used Point to Point but you may use Edge seeker or whatever you prefer.  Holding your shift key outline the kitty.  Invert and Delete the white back ground.

Copy and Paste into your template moving it above Raster 2.

Use your MuRa's Meister Filter Copies with the following settings:

(Shift Mode)
(blend Mode)
Number = 65
Shift X and Shift Y =  50
Angle, Rotation Attentation = 0
Scale = 100
Thru BG Range and Fade Out = 0
(all other setting are not usable)

Click OK

Select Raster 2 layer - Select all - Float - Defloat - Invert.

Make sure your are on your kitties layer and Delete.  Select none.

Change Blend Mode to Luminance (L) and fade to 50%.

Select Raster 5 - Select All - Float - Defloat - Flood Fill with your Gradient. Adjust - Add Noise with the following settings:

Gaussian, Noise 50% Monochrome checked.

Add Your tube - resize if necessary - erase any portion below the "Emo Queen" box.

Duplicate - on the Duplicate layer Gaussion Blur same settings as before, change the blend mode to Overlay.

On Original Layer Add a Drop Shadow as desired.

Flood Fill Raster 7.

Add Your Credits and License.  Add your name.

And you are finished.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On false accusations...

Someone has accused me of stealing my name "Tonya's Treasures" from (actually a friend of mine, whom I've lost contact with mainly because of my illness') Theresa's Treasures who makes some of the most awesome scrapkits around, until last year she always called them Theresa's Scraps.  I don't believe this name change was in anyway trying to harm me or my reputation, so I never said a word...  it doesn't bother me that someone else thinks of their works as "Treasures".  That being said, to have someone accuse me of stealing her name is wrong...  and couldn't be further from the truth.  I am so angry and hurt right now it is not even funny.

So I figured I would break out the proof...  I have attached a print screen of the file name and date in which it was created.  Keep in mind that before this I had a brush, which I no longer use so I no longer have the file to show you.  But the thing is, my accuser is wrong!  WOW there are some people out there who really need to get a life and grow up!