Friday, December 17, 2010

PTU - Snow Angel

Hi everyone!  Sorry it has been so long, some know that I have been diagnosed with MS along with allmy other medical conditions.  What this means is without the aid of my medications there had been days when my vision has been effected by this terrible disease.  With the aid of my medications, I am getting by...  but with a very deep sorrow and fear that I may lose the one thing that I find most precious of my body...  my vision.  In order to create I must be able to see.  I have decided to try to get throught this so I can bring you tuts or at the very least create some tags!  LOL

That said on with our tut!!

This tutorial is written using Corel PSP X2 and animation shop.  It is written for those who have a knowledge of PSP.


I am using the art work of Steve Baier which can be found at HERE and must be used with a license from them.

Snow Drift scrap kit by Juicy Bits can be found at her store HERE.

Mask of Choice.

Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation

Let's Go!

To begin open a new transparent image 600 x 600

Open Paper 10 of the scrap kit and resize to fit your window. Copy and Paste as a new layer into your New Image. Duplicate 3 times (if you'd like to animate your tag). With your top layer selected, Select Reflection Effects - Kaleidoscope with the following settings:

Everything zero except Number of Petals = 10

Reflect selected.
For each of the remaining layers increase the petal number by 2 (if animating).

Open Element 20 of them kit and Center the frame on the Pattern created.

Find a mask that you feel makes the best pattern for your design, I am using WSL_Mask155. Apply your mask and merge group (for each of the pattern layers you just made if animating).

Open your tube and resize if needed, I resized my tube 90%. Place as a new layer and duplicate.

With bottom tube layer selected, Adjust - Blur - Motion Blur with the settings of Angle: 245 Strength(%):76

Duplicate the motion layer. With the top layer of the motion layer selected apply Constellation filter with the below settings:

Star Size = 1.98

Size Variation = 50

Edge Star Density = 14

Overall Star Density = 25

Overdrive = 50

Twinkle Amount(%) = 75

Twinkle Rotation = 45

Background fill = Make selection Transparent

Random Seed 1

Apply Shadow as desired to your tube layer.

Resize Element 08 by 77% and place as a new layer over legs as shown in example. Sharpen if desired.

Apply any other elements you desire from the kit.

Apply Credits.

Cut any excess workspace off your tag.

If you are finished with the tag, add your name as suggested in example. I am using the font Porcelain with a gradient Glow of light Grey and Grey - I have added noise with the settings of Gaussian 20% Monochrome checked. Then I selected the Edge Effect of Enhance More add Drop Shadow as desired.

If you'd like to Animate your tag:

With the first of the layers selected, Copy Merged tag and paste as a new animation in Animation Shop. Hide that Layer and Open the next, Copy Merged and Paste after selected frame in animation shop. Repeat this with the last layer.

To Propigate Paste for the name... Complete the name as desired, Copy (not copy Merged) and paste as a new animation. Contral + "L" 2 times to make an equal amount of frames as in tag. Control "A" to select all. Paste the name in the desired place by dragging and dropping it into the first frame on the tag.

Slow the animation by Seleting all the frames (Control A) and Selecting Animation Frame Properties increase the speed to 25.

Save your animation... I use the original settings for optimization.