Saturday, August 7, 2010

PTU - Special Invitation

I want to let you know that I made the CT!!  I am Officially CT for Juicy Bits!!  Woot!  I love happy endings and wow what a great thing!  So we will be doing at least one tut per month using Juicy's kits or tubes - this is awesome!

Now, on with our first official tut!

Materials Needed:

I am using an exclusive tube of Jose Cano that can only be obtained at Graphic Groupies you must meet their criteria in order to get one yourself (Hence the name of the TUT!!).  He sells his tubes at MPT, if you're interested in purchasing any of his artwork.

I am using the lovely scrap kit MY JEALOUS HEART by and available at Juicy Bits Store.


Open a transparent image 600 x 600, DPI set to 72 as required by most tube companies.

To manipulate easier, I open everything on a new layer.  Please feel free to drop shadow as you wish...

First things first, the tube is huge!  Let's open, copy the tube layer and paste, resize (layer only must be checked) to 50%.  At this point you may hide her or work around her, up to you. 

Open the frame of your choosing from the kit, I am using Frame05.  Using my pick tool I have placed this behind my tube and to the right center of our image.  At this point you may wish to move your tube to the left of the frame.

Now select the layer with the Close Up (CU) from your tube file.  Copy and paste as a new layer in your image (you can close your tube now) under your frame.  Do not resize.  Mirror your CU image.  With pick tool move CU to desired place behind frame.  At this point you may remove excess by selection method or by using your eraser tool.  Sometimes I use the eraser tool, then I do not have to worry about any outside shadow.  Once you have removed the excess, duplicate the CU layer.  Select the bottom most CU layer and Adjust Blur = Gaussian Blur settings 5.00, Blend Mode = Luminence (L).

For my back ground, I have used Paper 12 and resized it to fit the opposite side of the frame using my pick tool.

I have chosen to decorate with Doodle01 and Doodle02 from the kit.  Both are pasted as new layers and resized with the pick tool.  Doodle01 has been mirrored.

Now to make it look as if our tube is holding the envelope -

I have selected Note01 from the kit.  Resized, and turned with pick tool.  Duplicate and place copy behind the tube in your layers.  Hide the top most note.  With your eraser tool set to 1 or 2 pixels, on your tube layer, erase part of hand around thumb that is visibly on top of the envelope (duplicate copy is below).  Unhide top note, and erase the portion of the envelope on top of the thumb.  It should appear that the note is in her hand and is above her knee.  If a shadow is desired shadow both layers of the envelope before erasing any parts.

Add your copyright information.  I like to place my copyright on my tag, it helps to prevent ripping of my tags, and it makes the information visible in any forum.

Add your name in the font of your choosing... I have selected two tones in a Gradient and I have used FB Lipgloss with a gradient glow with the following settings:

Basic tab:
Glow Width = 3.0
Softcorners = 6%
Opacity = 100%
Outside Selection checked

Color Tab:
Select Fat from list
set both color squares to black

Drop Shadow set on a separate layer, at a 100% Opacity.  Drag the shadowed layer so it is off centered.  Gradient Glow with the same settings above.

Save you file as you are now done!!

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