Sunday, July 25, 2010

PTU - Sophisticated Madame

Hello everyone, I know it has been ages but juggling illness, work and family has proved to be too much for this gal.  I am now in the process of being "medically retired"  So this means that I may be able to write more tuts or at least play with my graphics more.  LOL

So to start us off new and fresh I am using this tut as my application to join the Juicy Bits CT.  Her requirements are more my speed than most others, and I believe I can handle working with her awesome kits.

Let's get started!

Materials needed:

First you will need to obtain Juicy's kit "Sophisticated" at her Juicy Bits store here

The tube I am using is the Scott Blair's beautiful "Madame Orchid" which you can purchase at MPT here.   Please NEVER use stolen artwork.  be sure to purchase your tube and use proper licensing.

Filters - the only plug-in used in this tut is Eye Candy Gradient Glow.

Font and Mask of choice - mine are disclosed in body of tut.

Drop Shadow as you choose, that is something that best done to suit you.

Let's do this:

Open a new transparent image 600 x 600

Open Frame 02 to use as you base for the tag. Copy and paste as a new layer to the new image.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. To make your tube appear as though it is going through the frame... duplicate it, moving the duplicate layer to below the frame. With the top layer highlighted, select your eraser tool and erase any areas that you do not want coming through. In my tag, I have erased the tubes knee and the bottom of her leg leaving only the top portion of her body.

Select the very bottom layer (should be blank raster layer) and paste your close up. In my tag I had to mirror the tube to face it the Direction of my tube and I erased much of the top of her head. Colorize this layer with these settings Hue=0 Saturation=0. Next use the Artistic Media Effects Brush strokes with the following settings -
Lighting Angle= 311

For the back ground of the frame, open your paper selection, I am using paper 10. Using your crop tool, crop the paper where you might like the design in the approximate size of the frame opening. Copy and paste as a new layer and place it under your closeup. If you need to re-size to make it fit, use your pick tool set on scale and grab the corners to manipulate the paper to the size needed.

With having your bottom most layer selected in your tag (the blank one). Open Paper07 Adjust canvas size to 600x600. Copy and paste as a new layer. You may use mask of choice, but I am using Becky Mask 21, apply your mask, merge group. With your pick tool move layer towards the bottom right of the tag. Use your eraser tool and erase any excess remaining on the top left.

With having your bottom most layer selected in you tag (the blank one again). Open paper08 adjust canvas size to 600x600. Copy and paste as a new layer. Use the same mask, merge group. With your pick tool move the layer toward the upper left.

Apply any elements you desire, I myself used Flower03 and re-sized with my pick tool, and this was the only part I drop-shadowed beside the name.

For the name I used Butterfly size 120 (you must type this into the box yourself) and set the kerning to -3 for this font to look perfect (this must also be typed into the box on you tool bar). After you convert to raster layer. Make sure you use your dropper tool and select a color of choice from your tube. Use Gradient Glow with these settings: Color tab: Fat - first color box changed to the color of your choice, and black for the second box. Settings tab: Glow width=3 soft corners=0 the other settings should be left alone. Drop shadow as desired.

Add your copyright information and we are done!
I'd love to see your results!  I hope to one day make a slideshow with some examples of what has been done with my tuts.

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