Sunday, December 19, 2010

PTU Southern Rock

I love all of Juicy's kits...  and I am so glad I get her e-mails announcing what's new at the store.  I knew right away that I wanted to tut the Snow Drift kit so I bought it, because I have been severely lacking in the CT department and didn't want to ask for it, just in case I didn't feel up to it.  LOL  So, you all know I did my tut already and told her I was going to buy Rockabilly next because I was lucky and my MPT purchase was chosen for a free tube and when I saw Marco's Southern Rock Tube I new right then and there that they were perfect together.  Juicy sent me the kit because she is so awesome.  And I got started right away...  so with in as many days, I have done two tuts!  WOW I love inspiration!

So here is your tut...

I am using the art of Marco Guaglione which you can find HERE, you must have a license from MPT to use his works you may purchase the tube here and request a license of your own.  EDIT!!  Effective February 7, 2011 you must purchase this tube at PSP Tubes Emporium HERE and have a PTE license to use it, unless you owned it while it was still available at MPT.

I am using the Scrap Kit Rockabilly from Juicy Bits, you may purchase it HERE.

Let's begin

I want to let you know that I will not tell you how to shadow your tags... unless it is important for an effect that is used, I feel this is a preference of the tag maker.

Open a new transparent image 600 x 600.  Paste Paper 05 as a new layer.  Paste Element 26 (frame).  Using your pick tool position it towards the bottom of the tag in a diagnal position.  Paste the Closeup (CU) provided with your tube under the frame.  Mirror the image. Change the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy). Duplicate the CU.  With the Bottom CU layer selected Use the Texture Effect Mosiac Antique. Add Noise at Settings of Gaussian 20 with Monochrome selected. Select Enhance more from the edge effects menu. Lower the opacity of the top CU layer to 70% and Merge this layer down.

With your Magic wand select the center of the frame.  Modify and expand by 5.  Invert selection and with the CU layer selected, press delete. DO NOT deselect, and select the paper and delete as well.

Open a ribbon of choice, I am using element 40, resize by 70% and paste as a new layer.  With pick tool postion at the bottom of the frame.  Duplicate this layer.  Move one below your frame. With your eraser tool erase sections of the top ribbon so that it appears to wrap around the frame.

Open Element 49 and adjust the image size by 75%. Sharpen the image. Copy and paste as a new layer at the bottom. Duplicate this layer, move the duplicate to the topand resize to fit using your pick tool. Sharpen if necessary.

Open Element 28 and adjust the image size to 60%. Paste as a new layer on top of your tag, and move to the bottom left corner of the tag.

Open Element 29 and adjust the image size by 80%.  Copy and paste as a new layer under Element fram 28 and center it under it. Use the Texture effect blinds set at Width =2 Opacity=23 Color=Black Horizontal checked.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.  Mirror the tube and place under element 28 (circle frame).  Change the blend mode to Overlay.
Using your Magic Wand, select the center of the Circle frame.  Modify and expand by 5.  Invert selection and with the tube layer selected, press delete.
Copy and Paste your tube for the last time on the tag moving it to the right of the botom-most frame.

Select Two papers from the kit for your background Mask layers. Resize to 76% and copy and paste them as a new layer at the bottom of the tag. For each apply mask that you desire. I am using Vix Mask 349.

Decorate the tag as desired using various elements, you may use my example but you can use whatever you want!

Be sure to place your credits and license number on your tag.

I used the font dearJoe4 for the name and applied the Texture effect blinds with the same settings we used before.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Very First Tube!!

Hi everyone, I can't wait to get a tablet, so I can draw until I am unable to any longer.  I want to make unique scrap kits and more tubes!  I have made my very first tube using my mouse.  LOL She is a Graphic Groupies Exclusive item and you can get her free once you meet the criteria for that section of the wonderful forum which I am very proud to be a member of, thank goodness I have friends there who do not care if I am making tags or playing Farmville!  LOL

So she got her start as a sketch -

And ended up as a tube!

She comes with Three Tail and Eye Layers for some variety.  Come and join the fun at Graphic Groupies and work your way up to get yours! 

I would like to take this time to show off and thank my Groupie pal giZZy (aka Rene Kunert) for making me this awesome animation using my mermaid!  Woot love it!!

PTU - Snow Angel

Hi everyone!  Sorry it has been so long, some know that I have been diagnosed with MS along with allmy other medical conditions.  What this means is without the aid of my medications there had been days when my vision has been effected by this terrible disease.  With the aid of my medications, I am getting by...  but with a very deep sorrow and fear that I may lose the one thing that I find most precious of my body...  my vision.  In order to create I must be able to see.  I have decided to try to get throught this so I can bring you tuts or at the very least create some tags!  LOL

That said on with our tut!!

This tutorial is written using Corel PSP X2 and animation shop.  It is written for those who have a knowledge of PSP.


I am using the art work of Steve Baier which can be found at HERE and must be used with a license from them.

Snow Drift scrap kit by Juicy Bits can be found at her store HERE.

Mask of Choice.

Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation

Let's Go!

To begin open a new transparent image 600 x 600

Open Paper 10 of the scrap kit and resize to fit your window. Copy and Paste as a new layer into your New Image. Duplicate 3 times (if you'd like to animate your tag). With your top layer selected, Select Reflection Effects - Kaleidoscope with the following settings:

Everything zero except Number of Petals = 10

Reflect selected.
For each of the remaining layers increase the petal number by 2 (if animating).

Open Element 20 of them kit and Center the frame on the Pattern created.

Find a mask that you feel makes the best pattern for your design, I am using WSL_Mask155. Apply your mask and merge group (for each of the pattern layers you just made if animating).

Open your tube and resize if needed, I resized my tube 90%. Place as a new layer and duplicate.

With bottom tube layer selected, Adjust - Blur - Motion Blur with the settings of Angle: 245 Strength(%):76

Duplicate the motion layer. With the top layer of the motion layer selected apply Constellation filter with the below settings:

Star Size = 1.98

Size Variation = 50

Edge Star Density = 14

Overall Star Density = 25

Overdrive = 50

Twinkle Amount(%) = 75

Twinkle Rotation = 45

Background fill = Make selection Transparent

Random Seed 1

Apply Shadow as desired to your tube layer.

Resize Element 08 by 77% and place as a new layer over legs as shown in example. Sharpen if desired.

Apply any other elements you desire from the kit.

Apply Credits.

Cut any excess workspace off your tag.

If you are finished with the tag, add your name as suggested in example. I am using the font Porcelain with a gradient Glow of light Grey and Grey - I have added noise with the settings of Gaussian 20% Monochrome checked. Then I selected the Edge Effect of Enhance More add Drop Shadow as desired.

If you'd like to Animate your tag:

With the first of the layers selected, Copy Merged tag and paste as a new animation in Animation Shop. Hide that Layer and Open the next, Copy Merged and Paste after selected frame in animation shop. Repeat this with the last layer.

To Propigate Paste for the name... Complete the name as desired, Copy (not copy Merged) and paste as a new animation. Contral + "L" 2 times to make an equal amount of frames as in tag. Control "A" to select all. Paste the name in the desired place by dragging and dropping it into the first frame on the tag.

Slow the animation by Seleting all the frames (Control A) and Selecting Animation Frame Properties increase the speed to 25.

Save your animation... I use the original settings for optimization.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

PTU - Special Invitation

I want to let you know that I made the CT!!  I am Officially CT for Juicy Bits!!  Woot!  I love happy endings and wow what a great thing!  So we will be doing at least one tut per month using Juicy's kits or tubes - this is awesome!

Now, on with our first official tut!

Materials Needed:

I am using an exclusive tube of Jose Cano that can only be obtained at Graphic Groupies you must meet their criteria in order to get one yourself (Hence the name of the TUT!!).  He sells his tubes at MPT, if you're interested in purchasing any of his artwork.

I am using the lovely scrap kit MY JEALOUS HEART by and available at Juicy Bits Store.


Open a transparent image 600 x 600, DPI set to 72 as required by most tube companies.

To manipulate easier, I open everything on a new layer.  Please feel free to drop shadow as you wish...

First things first, the tube is huge!  Let's open, copy the tube layer and paste, resize (layer only must be checked) to 50%.  At this point you may hide her or work around her, up to you. 

Open the frame of your choosing from the kit, I am using Frame05.  Using my pick tool I have placed this behind my tube and to the right center of our image.  At this point you may wish to move your tube to the left of the frame.

Now select the layer with the Close Up (CU) from your tube file.  Copy and paste as a new layer in your image (you can close your tube now) under your frame.  Do not resize.  Mirror your CU image.  With pick tool move CU to desired place behind frame.  At this point you may remove excess by selection method or by using your eraser tool.  Sometimes I use the eraser tool, then I do not have to worry about any outside shadow.  Once you have removed the excess, duplicate the CU layer.  Select the bottom most CU layer and Adjust Blur = Gaussian Blur settings 5.00, Blend Mode = Luminence (L).

For my back ground, I have used Paper 12 and resized it to fit the opposite side of the frame using my pick tool.

I have chosen to decorate with Doodle01 and Doodle02 from the kit.  Both are pasted as new layers and resized with the pick tool.  Doodle01 has been mirrored.

Now to make it look as if our tube is holding the envelope -

I have selected Note01 from the kit.  Resized, and turned with pick tool.  Duplicate and place copy behind the tube in your layers.  Hide the top most note.  With your eraser tool set to 1 or 2 pixels, on your tube layer, erase part of hand around thumb that is visibly on top of the envelope (duplicate copy is below).  Unhide top note, and erase the portion of the envelope on top of the thumb.  It should appear that the note is in her hand and is above her knee.  If a shadow is desired shadow both layers of the envelope before erasing any parts.

Add your copyright information.  I like to place my copyright on my tag, it helps to prevent ripping of my tags, and it makes the information visible in any forum.

Add your name in the font of your choosing... I have selected two tones in a Gradient and I have used FB Lipgloss with a gradient glow with the following settings:

Basic tab:
Glow Width = 3.0
Softcorners = 6%
Opacity = 100%
Outside Selection checked

Color Tab:
Select Fat from list
set both color squares to black

Drop Shadow set on a separate layer, at a 100% Opacity.  Drag the shadowed layer so it is off centered.  Gradient Glow with the same settings above.

Save you file as you are now done!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

PTU - Sophisticated Madame

Hello everyone, I know it has been ages but juggling illness, work and family has proved to be too much for this gal.  I am now in the process of being "medically retired"  So this means that I may be able to write more tuts or at least play with my graphics more.  LOL

So to start us off new and fresh I am using this tut as my application to join the Juicy Bits CT.  Her requirements are more my speed than most others, and I believe I can handle working with her awesome kits.

Let's get started!

Materials needed:

First you will need to obtain Juicy's kit "Sophisticated" at her Juicy Bits store here

The tube I am using is the Scott Blair's beautiful "Madame Orchid" which you can purchase at MPT here.   Please NEVER use stolen artwork.  be sure to purchase your tube and use proper licensing.

Filters - the only plug-in used in this tut is Eye Candy Gradient Glow.

Font and Mask of choice - mine are disclosed in body of tut.

Drop Shadow as you choose, that is something that best done to suit you.

Let's do this:

Open a new transparent image 600 x 600

Open Frame 02 to use as you base for the tag. Copy and paste as a new layer to the new image.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. To make your tube appear as though it is going through the frame... duplicate it, moving the duplicate layer to below the frame. With the top layer highlighted, select your eraser tool and erase any areas that you do not want coming through. In my tag, I have erased the tubes knee and the bottom of her leg leaving only the top portion of her body.

Select the very bottom layer (should be blank raster layer) and paste your close up. In my tag I had to mirror the tube to face it the Direction of my tube and I erased much of the top of her head. Colorize this layer with these settings Hue=0 Saturation=0. Next use the Artistic Media Effects Brush strokes with the following settings -
Lighting Angle= 311

For the back ground of the frame, open your paper selection, I am using paper 10. Using your crop tool, crop the paper where you might like the design in the approximate size of the frame opening. Copy and paste as a new layer and place it under your closeup. If you need to re-size to make it fit, use your pick tool set on scale and grab the corners to manipulate the paper to the size needed.

With having your bottom most layer selected in your tag (the blank one). Open Paper07 Adjust canvas size to 600x600. Copy and paste as a new layer. You may use mask of choice, but I am using Becky Mask 21, apply your mask, merge group. With your pick tool move layer towards the bottom right of the tag. Use your eraser tool and erase any excess remaining on the top left.

With having your bottom most layer selected in you tag (the blank one again). Open paper08 adjust canvas size to 600x600. Copy and paste as a new layer. Use the same mask, merge group. With your pick tool move the layer toward the upper left.

Apply any elements you desire, I myself used Flower03 and re-sized with my pick tool, and this was the only part I drop-shadowed beside the name.

For the name I used Butterfly size 120 (you must type this into the box yourself) and set the kerning to -3 for this font to look perfect (this must also be typed into the box on you tool bar). After you convert to raster layer. Make sure you use your dropper tool and select a color of choice from your tube. Use Gradient Glow with these settings: Color tab: Fat - first color box changed to the color of your choice, and black for the second box. Settings tab: Glow width=3 soft corners=0 the other settings should be left alone. Drop shadow as desired.

Add your copyright information and we are done!
I'd love to see your results!  I hope to one day make a slideshow with some examples of what has been done with my tuts.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something New!!

Sorry I have been gone so long...  I can honestly blame my health, I am now the owner of a pace maker!!  WOW!

Anyhow enough about that...  I have made my very first scrap kit!!  You will be able to get it in February on the Creative Misfits forum (will link to it at that time).  Here is the preview -