Friday, October 2, 2009

There is no I in Team!! PTU

A soon as I saw this kit I new I just had to work with it!  I had a couple of ideas come immediately to mind, so you may notice another tutorial using this same kit coming soon.

Needed things:

I am using the incredible art of Ismael Rac you must purchase the art and license at Artistic Minds Inc. here

The Scrap kit I am using Hotrod Dreams can be found at Shani's blog or can be purchased here

Please add drop shadows throughout as you please - I believe this is a personal choice.

Mask WSL_Mask230 from Weescotslass can be found here.

Font for Word art I used Impact

This tutorial was written for those with a basic knowledge of PSP. I am using PSP X2, I believe you can follow me with any earlier version.

Let's get started!

Please open a 600 x 600 transparent image - we can resize it later if needed. I will use random elements throughout the making of this tutorial... you may use the ones that I tell you I am using or others that you may prefer. The Wicked Princess even states that you may colorize the kit to your liking! Resize your first paper selection (I am using PP18) to fit 100% this was 89% for me - image canvas size to 600 x 600 copy and paste as a new layer to your image. Use your mask WSL_Mask230 on this layer. Merge group. Close original paper. Repeat resize and canvas size on second paper selection (I have chosen PP17) - with bottom raster layer selected, paste as a new layer onto your image (masked layer should be on top).

With your pick tool selected and the mode set to Perspective - open your winding road (road 2) and work with it until it appears flat. Position where desired on tag. Open up a flag element of choice from kit... I am using the white flag. Copy and paste as a new layer (notice I always do this), duplicate the layer and mirror it. Merge the two flags and use your Eyecandy Gradient Glow set to the bottom paper color - I set mine at Fat - Glow width 4.5 and soft corners 25 - draw outside selection selected.

Now lets paste our tube. To get her ready, I open only the layers I desire to use. The rest of the layers are hidden. Copy merged and paste to image. Duplicate the tube. Use Gaussian blur on your original tube layer. On the duplicate - set your blend mode to burn. Go back to original layer and add gradient glow with same settings used before. Merge your tube layers.

Now prepare various tube layers of your tube - or perhaps you'd like to use different tubes of Mr Rac's that you may own... to make your team - place random sized tubes around tag - behind your main tube and your street layer - in in front of your flags. You may have to move your layers around a bit to make this happen.

Now select random street signs and place where desired - you may use my example.

To make word art layer Font size = 28 - type out and place as shown. Add Noise with settings = random and 55%. Same gradient glow as before.

Add your license and copy right info.

Add your name with font of choice - I am using Kunstler Script

Woo hoo we are done!!

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