Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are You Ready Christmas? (only 3 months left!!) FTU

I had wrote this tutorial for Gina to post for the Christmas in July special at Exquisite Scraps. Her Christmas in July contribution was offered as one of the daily FTU and can now be downloaded from her blog KeKiKa Kits located here. Thank you Gina for making this FTU Kit available again...

My Tube is a Keith Garvey tube you must purchase using your own license number from MPT, if you wish to use her... but you may use any tube you desire.

The font I used is Holiday Home and you may find it at here at

I am using Mask WSL354 by Weescotslass you may get it here. Place in your mask folder.

I used Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow you may get that here.

Shadow as desired throughout...

Let's get started

Open a new transparent image 600 x 600 (resize later if desired).

Select a paper from the kit to use as your background, I have selected paper 9. Re-size your paper selection to 76%. Note: I always copy and paste as a new layer - you may merge as desired, I just find it easier to make slight adjustments here and there.

Load mask from Disk - merge group.

Open the branch in the scrap kit supply - re-size to 25%, paste as a new layer - duplicate. With your original branch layer selected - free rotate left 30 degrees move to upper right corner of masked layer - select copy and place about half covering the original layer. Merge the branch layers, Duplicate - Flip the copy, merge the layers - Mirror and Merge again = you now have a Wreath!

Add provided embellishments of choice to decorate your wreath as desired. Place gift boxes in front of wreath, re-size as necessary, using your pick tool.

Place your tube as a new layer in front of the gift boxes, see example. Re-size and place the poinsettias behind tube as in example. I opened the tag provided in supply, re-sized and placed at a 45 degree angle.

Place the signature name where desired using gradient glow with the following settings: glow width 3.00 soft corners 3. Opacity 100% outside selection checked colors tab: white on first box, green from tag on second.

Save as a .png file, and Enjoy!!