Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cowboy Dreaming

I really enjoyed making this tag, I had found the perfect tube for the kit.

Things you will need:

Scrap Kit ~ BootsNChaps by Natasha can be purchased at Scrappin' Brats.
My Tube ~ is a FTU tube "Shawna" by Psyco and can be had when you join his group at MTA (be patient though, the ladies have been bombarded with requests... :o)
Mask ~ WSLMask350 by Weescottslass and can be found here.
My font ~ is called KiraLynn, size 30 and can be located here.
Plug-in used ws Eye Candy 4000 and can be found here (not tested).

Let's get ready!

Open a new 600 x 600 transparent raster image. Remember to add drop shadows as you like (I think this is a personal preference, unless it is part of the design). Also, when pasting, I always paste as a new layer, merge as desired, otherwise I will tell you when I do.

From your scrap kit open and minimize in your work area all the elements and papers that you may wish to use in your tag, I will you the key elements I use.

Let's get started!

Copy and paste your first layer, I have chosen paper 1 as my bottom most layer. Resize to 87% of original. Do the same with your second paper selection, mine is paper 8. With second paper selected - select layers - load/save mask - load mask from disk - apply WSLmask350. Merge group. Using pick tool move the masked layer toward the top of your tag. Using SKD_Leather Flowers copy and paste as a new layer resize slightly (using pick tool), move to bottom left corner. Duplicate this layer - image mirror and move mirrored layer to right corner - merge these layers together.

Add your kit selections as layers behind the flowered layer. Add Tube and copyright info as needed.

In your layers select the masked layer only for placing your next layers there. Resize the element called stars to fit. Paste as a new layer, rotate (this layer only!) 180 degrees and duplicate, move one layer below the other layer (see example for placement) Merge Star layers.

Change the color settings to one in your tag before you use one of the papers using the pattern material properties to set your foreground and background. Type name in the center of the flowers. Convert to raster layer. Effects - Eye candy 4000 Gradient glow with the color from your tag selected, use the following settings:

Glow width 3.0
Soft Corners 3%
Overall Opacity 100
Draw only outside selection checked.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! Hugs! Tonya

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