Monday, October 12, 2009

Witchypoo - I put a Spell on You! (PTU)

WitchyPoo I put a spell on you - PTU

I am using the cute Kit WitchyPoo from Gina of KiKeKa Kits you can get yours at Scrappin' Brats here

Begin by Opening a a few elements of your choosing from the kit...  this is a personal choice...  this tutorial is only meant to be a guide, but I will tell you the ones I have chosen for the most important parts of the tut.

Open a new 600 x 600 transparent image.

In your color palette, you should choose your paper of choice (I have selected paper02) to make a pattern in your background and fill properties.  In your foreground properties have a solid color from your paper selected.  With your line style solid, and the width set to 7.00 draw an oval onto your image.  Leave it as a vector image for now.  Objects - center image on canvas.

Insert a new layer. Make your background fill properties the same color as the foreground.  With your Font Selected (I am using Rapscallion size 20), hover over your oval until your see the A with the semi-circle under it.  Make sure to be near the top center of your oval and type whatever Halloween saying you'd like.  I chose I put a Spell on You - hence the name of the Tut.

Select a Witchypoo tube from the kit (I have chosen number 3) leaving her the regular size, use your eraser tool to erase her body to about her armpit area, and erase the Copyright from this one too.  Copy and paste as a new layer on top of your Oval.  On your oval layer select all - float - defloat - invert selection - modify expand by 7.  Click onto your layer with your head and hit the delete button 3 times. Select none. Blend mode = Luminance (Legacy) Opacity = 55.

Back on your Oval layer Use the filter VM Natural - Starmaker at the default settings.  Click OK.  Using VM Natural - Sparkle with the settings of Max size=20, random seed=67 - the rest leave at default.

With the same settings - on head layer VM Natural - Sparkle.

Open up the element grass01 - paste as a new layer - use your pick tool to position it how you would like behind the oval.  Duplicate the layer and mirror it.  Merge the two layers.

Open both elements called Hallow Trails re-size to 64% and place them on the same side paste them as a new layer on the right side of the oval (behind the grass) Merge these layers, duplicate and mirror.

For the rest of the tag - I used various elements placed them where I saw looked good - resizing each with my pick tool (settings = Scale).

You should do the same...  From here I think you should use the elements of choice.

Place your name on the tag use font of choice (I used Windsong - with a gradient using two shades in your paper).  For best results save it as a .png file.

Hope you enjoyed the tut!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

There is no I in Team!! PTU

A soon as I saw this kit I new I just had to work with it!  I had a couple of ideas come immediately to mind, so you may notice another tutorial using this same kit coming soon.

Needed things:

I am using the incredible art of Ismael Rac you must purchase the art and license at Artistic Minds Inc. here

The Scrap kit I am using Hotrod Dreams can be found at Shani's blog or can be purchased here

Please add drop shadows throughout as you please - I believe this is a personal choice.

Mask WSL_Mask230 from Weescotslass can be found here.

Font for Word art I used Impact

This tutorial was written for those with a basic knowledge of PSP. I am using PSP X2, I believe you can follow me with any earlier version.

Let's get started!

Please open a 600 x 600 transparent image - we can resize it later if needed. I will use random elements throughout the making of this tutorial... you may use the ones that I tell you I am using or others that you may prefer. The Wicked Princess even states that you may colorize the kit to your liking! Resize your first paper selection (I am using PP18) to fit 100% this was 89% for me - image canvas size to 600 x 600 copy and paste as a new layer to your image. Use your mask WSL_Mask230 on this layer. Merge group. Close original paper. Repeat resize and canvas size on second paper selection (I have chosen PP17) - with bottom raster layer selected, paste as a new layer onto your image (masked layer should be on top).

With your pick tool selected and the mode set to Perspective - open your winding road (road 2) and work with it until it appears flat. Position where desired on tag. Open up a flag element of choice from kit... I am using the white flag. Copy and paste as a new layer (notice I always do this), duplicate the layer and mirror it. Merge the two flags and use your Eyecandy Gradient Glow set to the bottom paper color - I set mine at Fat - Glow width 4.5 and soft corners 25 - draw outside selection selected.

Now lets paste our tube. To get her ready, I open only the layers I desire to use. The rest of the layers are hidden. Copy merged and paste to image. Duplicate the tube. Use Gaussian blur on your original tube layer. On the duplicate - set your blend mode to burn. Go back to original layer and add gradient glow with same settings used before. Merge your tube layers.

Now prepare various tube layers of your tube - or perhaps you'd like to use different tubes of Mr Rac's that you may own... to make your team - place random sized tubes around tag - behind your main tube and your street layer - in in front of your flags. You may have to move your layers around a bit to make this happen.

Now select random street signs and place where desired - you may use my example.

To make word art layer Font size = 28 - type out and place as shown. Add Noise with settings = random and 55%. Same gradient glow as before.

Add your license and copy right info.

Add your name with font of choice - I am using Kunstler Script

Woo hoo we are done!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bat's the Way PTU

Halloween is one of my very favorite celebrated days... This tutorial is not intended to offend anyone who doesn't participate in "Trick or Treating" if you choose not to participate, then please just skip this tut.

Needed Things:

I am using the awesome and much celebrated work of Ismael Rac, you may use his tubes by purchasing them at Artistic Minds Inc. (AMI) HERE

I am also using a great kit from Gina designer of KeKiKa Kits, you can purchase the kit Lil Vamp at HERE

You will need Animation Shop 3, I am using PSP X2, but I am sure your version will work just fine.

The font used in word art is Harrington and is a commercial font, possibly supplied on your PC or it can be purchased at Ascender Fonts HERE. The font used for the name on the tag is A Lolita Scorned and can be found at HERE.

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow is being used as well... (See earlier tuts for information on obtaining this and other filters.

Add drop shadows as desired.

Lets get started!

First lets prepare our tube. Open your tube - I have chosen to use TrickOrTreat_02. Select the layers of the tube that you prefer to use. I am using layers F6, S web special 3, and 6.png - Hide all other layers, Copy Merged paste as a new image onto your workspace. Minimize for later use. Unhide the copyright layer in your original tube file. Copy (not merged) and paste as a new image - Using your crop tool, cut the image to only the copyright information. Minimize for later use. Close your original tube file without saving changes.

Next we are going to prepare our flying bat - I am using bat_02 from the scrap kit supply you may work with any that you wish. Open him in PSP and resize him 50% copy and paste him into Animation Shop 3 as a new animation. Insert image effect with the following settings (as shown): Start with Animation Frame marked, Effect = compress, Deline effect - length = 0.8seconds Frames per second = 4 click ok.
Go back to PSP and out-line the bat's head with your Free Hand Selection tool, Selection-modify-expand =2. Selection-Invert click delete on keyboard. Copy and paste as a new animation. Holding down your CTRL button click the "L" on your keayboard three times to paste until you have 4 frames. Control+A to select all, holding down your mouse button, Click on the head and paste it on top of the original in the first frame. This will make his head remain, while his wings flap. Save to desk top or somewhere safe to re-open later. Save to desk top or somewhere safe to re-open later.

Now let's get onto our tag!
Open a a new transparent image 600x600. With your background and fill properties set to null, foreground color black, stroke-width set to 20 - draw an oval shape with your ellipse tool - convert to raster layer. Select a paper from your scrap kit with bats on it, I have selected paper 11, resize it so that it will be 100% on your workspace (I had to resize mine to 91% of the image). Adjust the canvas size to 600, so it will be the same size as our image. Copy and paste as a layer 4 times onto our tag. Hide all but the bottom most layer. With the bottom bat layer selected, use your pick tool to move it down to where the paper is at the top edge of your oval. Rename layer Batty 1.
Do not move the next layer above Batty 1 but rename Batty 2, move the next layer up to where the paper is moved halfway between the bottom of the layer and the bottom of the tag and rename if Batty 3. For the last bat layer move it to the bottom of the oval, and rename it Batty4.

Making sure you are on the layer with your oval, Use your magic wand tool to select the center of your oval, modify expand by 5. Selection Invert - activate each of your batty layers and click delete on your keyboard. Select none. Hide all batty layers except batty 1. :o)

Flood fill your Oval layer with a paper from your kit as a pattern. I have used paper 02 at a scale of 75 to make it look right. Close the paper.

At this point I apply my tube and resize her using the pick tool, as well as other elements that I desired from the kit. Please see my example to use the ones I did, or please pick some of your licking. I believe choosing elements is a personal thing, unless it is detrimental to the tutorial.

I have chosen to use the purple glitter as a back ground to my tag. In doing so, I have placed the glitter in the left hand corner of the tag, duplicated it, and dragged the copy to the right. Merge these two layers and duplicate the new layer, and flip the copy.

Now to make the word art - Back to the elipse tool, width set to 1, and back ground and fill property set to null. Draw an outline of the original oval, as close to the outside of it as possible. Add a new raster layer, with text tool selected, hover over edge of new oval until you see the A with the half circle under it. This will allow you to type around the oval. Type the first line, and convert the layer to a raster layer, using your pick tool move it up to allow space for your next line. Repeat the steps. Merge the two layers. Select a color from your tag, and use the filter gradient glow with the following settings: Glow width= 3.00, soft corner= 0, the other settings no need to change. On the Color tab, select Fat from the list of glow types, then select second color button - change from white to the color you selected from your tag.

Put your license info on your tag!

Now lets animate!!

Your flying bat should be open in animation shop... just waiting there. Now, you should have only the first batty layer visible, with that the case copy merged and paste into animation shop as a new animation. Unhide batty 2 and copy merged, paste into your new animation by right clicking on the title bar and selecting paste after current frame... do this for batty 3 and batty4 as well. Click into your first frame when finished making sure it is selected.

Now onto the flying bat - Edit - select all or Ctrl+A. Click on the first frame and drag to your tag, making sure your drop it to your desired location. Save animated version of your tag with out names.

We will place your name on your tag using the same method as the bat above. First, put your name on your tag in PSP - I used the font A Lolita Scorned, but you can use any font of choice, convert to raster layer and use gradient glow with both colors set the same, so that it is now solid. Copy (not merged) and paste as a new animation, I use Ctrl+L - holding down the ctrl button press L until you have 4 frames. Ctrl+A to select all, Click on the first frame and drag to your tag, making sure your drop it to your desired location. Save this version with your name included so you do not write over your original, incase you want to use it for offers or next year.

Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are You Ready Christmas? (only 3 months left!!) FTU

I had wrote this tutorial for Gina to post for the Christmas in July special at Exquisite Scraps. Her Christmas in July contribution was offered as one of the daily FTU and can now be downloaded from her blog KeKiKa Kits located here. Thank you Gina for making this FTU Kit available again...

My Tube is a Keith Garvey tube you must purchase using your own license number from MPT, if you wish to use her... but you may use any tube you desire.

The font I used is Holiday Home and you may find it at here at

I am using Mask WSL354 by Weescotslass you may get it here. Place in your mask folder.

I used Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow you may get that here.

Shadow as desired throughout...

Let's get started

Open a new transparent image 600 x 600 (resize later if desired).

Select a paper from the kit to use as your background, I have selected paper 9. Re-size your paper selection to 76%. Note: I always copy and paste as a new layer - you may merge as desired, I just find it easier to make slight adjustments here and there.

Load mask from Disk - merge group.

Open the branch in the scrap kit supply - re-size to 25%, paste as a new layer - duplicate. With your original branch layer selected - free rotate left 30 degrees move to upper right corner of masked layer - select copy and place about half covering the original layer. Merge the branch layers, Duplicate - Flip the copy, merge the layers - Mirror and Merge again = you now have a Wreath!

Add provided embellishments of choice to decorate your wreath as desired. Place gift boxes in front of wreath, re-size as necessary, using your pick tool.

Place your tube as a new layer in front of the gift boxes, see example. Re-size and place the poinsettias behind tube as in example. I opened the tag provided in supply, re-sized and placed at a 45 degree angle.

Place the signature name where desired using gradient glow with the following settings: glow width 3.00 soft corners 3. Opacity 100% outside selection checked colors tab: white on first box, green from tag on second.

Save as a .png file, and Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cowboy Dreaming

I really enjoyed making this tag, I had found the perfect tube for the kit.

Things you will need:

Scrap Kit ~ BootsNChaps by Natasha can be purchased at Scrappin' Brats.
My Tube ~ is a FTU tube "Shawna" by Psyco and can be had when you join his group at MTA (be patient though, the ladies have been bombarded with requests... :o)
Mask ~ WSLMask350 by Weescottslass and can be found here.
My font ~ is called KiraLynn, size 30 and can be located here.
Plug-in used ws Eye Candy 4000 and can be found here (not tested).

Let's get ready!

Open a new 600 x 600 transparent raster image. Remember to add drop shadows as you like (I think this is a personal preference, unless it is part of the design). Also, when pasting, I always paste as a new layer, merge as desired, otherwise I will tell you when I do.

From your scrap kit open and minimize in your work area all the elements and papers that you may wish to use in your tag, I will you the key elements I use.

Let's get started!

Copy and paste your first layer, I have chosen paper 1 as my bottom most layer. Resize to 87% of original. Do the same with your second paper selection, mine is paper 8. With second paper selected - select layers - load/save mask - load mask from disk - apply WSLmask350. Merge group. Using pick tool move the masked layer toward the top of your tag. Using SKD_Leather Flowers copy and paste as a new layer resize slightly (using pick tool), move to bottom left corner. Duplicate this layer - image mirror and move mirrored layer to right corner - merge these layers together.

Add your kit selections as layers behind the flowered layer. Add Tube and copyright info as needed.

In your layers select the masked layer only for placing your next layers there. Resize the element called stars to fit. Paste as a new layer, rotate (this layer only!) 180 degrees and duplicate, move one layer below the other layer (see example for placement) Merge Star layers.

Change the color settings to one in your tag before you use one of the papers using the pattern material properties to set your foreground and background. Type name in the center of the flowers. Convert to raster layer. Effects - Eye candy 4000 Gradient glow with the color from your tag selected, use the following settings:

Glow width 3.0
Soft Corners 3%
Overall Opacity 100
Draw only outside selection checked.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! Hugs! Tonya

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Cats Meow...

I have made these two tags - ok one tag; animated and non-animated. I didn't make a tutorial with it because I noticed that someone else created one yesterday, using the same template. Besides, I don't think I would make a tutorial from someone's template, it just seems wrong. So I had to make something using the template for a game...

I used a scrap kit from Gina called Catitude. You can check out her scrapkits at her blog KiKeKa Kits.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Very First Tutorial - PTU

Needed Things:

First you will need bright and beautiful scrap kit from KiKeKa Kits, called "Rave Craze", you can purchase this kit at Scrapping Brats, go to her blog and see HERE.

My tubes are the wonderful work of CB Nancy she offers her FTU tubes through contact them to obtain your license and learn how to use Nancy's Tubes HERE.

Masks of choice - I am using the masks of Weescotslass you may find them HERE.

Font of Choice

Please make your drop shadows where you feel comfortable, I feel that they are a personal choice.

Plugins I used are:
EyeCandy4000 Gradient Glow

To begin:

Open a new 600x600 transparent raster background.

Open the selections of the kit that you think you might want to work with, I will tell you which I am using as we go.

Open 2 papers of choice, for may bottom layer I am using paper 11, resize by 85% copy and paste into your image as a new layer *this is how I do each element. Close original kit piece without saving, after each paste.

Load mask of choice - fit to layer - I am using WSL_Maks221

Merge group

Open your main tube choice, and select a color from it. Here I applied the plug-in Gradient Glow using the color from my tube. Use any setting you wish for desired effect, I used - fat, 3.00 glow width and 3% soft corners.

For my next layer I have resized, copied and pasted as above with paper 10. Load another mask of your choice but it should be a smaller one. I have used WSL_Mask 130. Merge group.

Copy and paste Rave Craze heart of choice, I have chosen heart 5.

Resize frame 8 to 75% copy and paste as a new layer. Move it as a selection to off center it (see example).

Add a new raster layer and flood fill it white, move this layer below the frame 8 layer. With magic wand, select the inside of both frames (hold shift key down to select both at the same time). Selections-invert, Selections-modify-contract 2, making sure white layer is highlighted, hit delete button on your key board. Selections - none.

Copy and paste desired tube as a layer to one of the frame sides. Duplicate your tube as a layer and move one of the layers below the frame. Hide the bottom tube - erase any sections of the top tube that you do not want to appear in front of the frame. Unhide the bottom tube, erase any layers showing out side the frame... this give the appearance that the tube is coming through the frame.

Do the same for the other side of the frame.

Place your main tube as a new layer. Decorate your tag with the elements of your choice.

Add your watermark and artists copyright information. If you are not animating your tag save it as a PNG file, this will allow it to have no back ground.